Lauren Bacall’s Short-Lived Affair With Frank Sinatra Ended Badly: ‘He Behaved Like a Sh*t’

Romansa Lauren Bacall by Humphrey Bogart is the Hollywood myth. The two met on the set of Bacall’s first film, To be and not to be, when she was 19 and in her mid-40s. The bond was immediate, and they soon married and had two children. They remained together until his death at the age of 57 from esophageal cancer.

Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall in image
Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall enter The deep sleep | Warner Brothers / Getty Photos

Bacall, then just 32, was devastated by the death of her husband. Recovering from the loss, she found the comfort of her friendship with Frank Sinatra, who would often communicate with the couple. Relationships eventually turned into romance, with Sinatra even proposing marriage. But the times did not last, and the singer “My Way” eventually broke with him The deep sleep star.

Lauren Bacall defeated Frank Sinatra

In 1978, Bacall opened up about her early life, her career in Hollywood, and her relationships with Bogart and Oscar-winning second-person Jason Robards. By Me. When he wrote the book, Bacall promised her editor that she would be honest. But in some cases, it was difficult to tell the truth.

“I was very upset, for example, about saying something about Frank Sinatra that wasn’t very nice, but [my editor] said, ‘You must.’ Well, I said he was behaving like sh * t, he did, ”she said Vanity Fair in 2011.

Lauren Bacall has never felt secure in her relationship with Frank Sinatra

Lauren Bacall and Frank Sinatra
Lauren Bacalll with Frank Sinatra | Silver Screen / Getty Images Collection

While Bacall was overjoyed that Sinatra had finally decided to commit, her happiness did not last long. It didn’t take long for friend Swifty Lazar to spread the word about the promise to the media. Sinatra was not happy. He called his girlfriend and told her that they had to not see each other for a while to stop the media.

“[T]it was like being my last phone call from Frank – the end of our interesting, imperfect, non-existent love relationship, ”she wrote. Shortly afterwards, the two were sitting next to each other at the same dinner party. But Sinatra refused to accept Bacall. At the time, she was deeply hurt and embarrassed by his behavior. However, she eventually came to realize that their relationship would not have survived.

“I see it could not work under any circumstances,” she wrote. “Frank did me a huge favor – he saved me from the tragedy of our marriage.”

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