Kylie Jenner Is Being Absolutely Dragged Because of Her New Hand Sanitizer

Kylie Jenner has had an interesting time among the pandemic. Like many celebrities, she seems to have had difficulty adhering to travel rules and regulations to stop the spread of coronation (COVID-19).

Fans are also horrified that the Keeping up with the Kardashians Star has continued to showcase her enjoyable lifestyle and spend on social media while so many people around the world are suffering.

However, her latest Kylie Skin product, a hand sanitizer, has been drawing fans across the internet.

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner | Ari Perilstein / Getty Images for A-OK Collective, LLC

Fans believe Kylie Jenner has been insensitive throughout the pandemic

At the outbreak of the pandemic, Jenner was very vocal about quarantine and urged her fans to abide by government rules to stop the spread of the virus. She also revealed that she was used to being in the house since she didn’t go out when she was pregnant with her daughter, Stormi.

However, just a few months into the pandemic, the makeup mogul started traveling and partying with her family and friends. In June 2020, she went on vacation at Amangiri, a five-star resort town in Canyon Point, Utah, near a Native Reserve that was the victim of the devastating COVID-19 revolution.

Jenner has also put her wealth above this challenging time, buying a $ 35.6 million estate and showcasing her luxury products on social media.

“Yes, it’s challenging and yes, it’s completely deaf, but guess what – she’s always been brutal and deaf and her fans never cared,” said one. Reddit user defined. “Her rich careers are receiving as much love as ever. Why would she change her behavior when there is no real result? ”

Kylie Jenner’s business ventures were examined

Not only has Jenner been called upon to unleash her travels and riches during these difficult times, but fans are also not too happy about the quality of her products. In May 2020, Forbes I went on to say that Jenner had been lying about her net worth. They revealed that she was not the self-made billionaire spoken to.

In fact, they said she was not a billionaire at all. She and her mother, Kris Jenner, seem to have increased the value of her beauty brand, Kylie Cosmetics. Fans also believe that the quality of its results leaves little to be desired.

Her $ 24 foam face wash from her Kylie Skin collection is on fire for a transition from light to dark rust color just a few months after purchase. Chemist and makeup enthusiast Angie Burgs spoke about the product issue YouTube,

Cleaners usually last at least a year after opening. So I personally don’t think this product should have started to look like this within a year. Clearly, there is some color, obviously it turns yellow. It could be due to oxidation occurring in the product or the product going rancid.

However, some Kylie Skin users have found that the colorful product is a good bathroom cleanser.

Kylie Jenner is slammed because of her hand sanitizer

It looks like Jenner didn’t learn from being deaf. She’s currently selling a new $ 7 hand sanitizer for Kylie Skin, and fans are disappointed. They believe the 23-year-old is trying to make a profit from the pandemic.

Jenner shared a tweet saying, “my @kylieskin hand sanitizer is here !! http://KYLIESKIN.COM 80% alcohol, fast drying, and designed with glycerin to prevent dryness! ”

Fans immediately struck back. One follower asked, “For 4 interest free payments of 1.75, you may have your own kylie cleaner. ”Another said,“ did kylie really make a ‘kylie skin’ hand sanitizer? it benefits from a pandemic. ”

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