‘KUWTK’ Fans Are Convinced Penelope Is Scott Disick’s ‘Favorite’ Child

Mason Disick, the oldest Kardashian Jenner child, is 11 years old. He lives his life in the public eye. His mother, Kourtney Kardashian, was filming for Keeping up with the Kardashians when he was born, so fans feel connected to him, as well as the other children born during the show’s 20-year-old run.

When Scott Disick, Mason’s father, posted a photo of his daughter Penelope on Instagram, fans started feeling old.

Kardashian Jenner children make fans feel old

Scott Disick
Scott Disick | Sam Tabone / WireImage

Fans remember when every Disick baby was born, so it’s weird to see how much they get.

As one follower wrote on Reddit, “Scott has just posted this insta story of Penelope and she looks SO OLDDDD 🥺🥺 ugh the kids getting older makes me feel so old lol. ”Penelope, or P as she is sometimes called, is 8 years old now, and fans can’t believe how fast time flies.

Fans can’t get over how Penelope grows up in the picture. She’s gone from being Scott’s face princess to a young woman, and has been playing out on screen for KarJen fans. It’s not just Penelope. The KarJen kids are all growing up fast. Another fan wrote “And Kylie announced that Stormi will be three soon. 😅Time is flying with you! ”

Scott Disick posts many pictures of Penelope

Fans point out that Penelope may be Scott’s favorite baby. According to one fan, “P is Scott’s 100% favorite.” He posts lots of pictures of Penelope, but Scott posts pictures of all his children. His Instagram is largely split between Mason, Penelope, and his son Reign, who is 6. Penelope may have a special place in Scott’s heart because she is the only girl.

In April, 2020, Scott posted a picture of Penelope with the caption “My Little Precious,” but that doesn’t mean he’s her favorite. Scott clearly loves and values ​​his children, and it may be difficult for one of them to be named “his favorite.” His mother-in-law, Kris Jenner, always tells her daughters that one of them is her favorite.

The KarJen sisters joke that he is always the one who will give her the most money. But while Scott is certainly part of KarJen’s family, he doesn’t seem to treat his children’s feelings with the same cavalier attitude as Kris.

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick make fun babies, but will there be a fourth?

No wonder Scott loves his children. They are calm, and funny. But his relationship with their mother, Kourtney, had not always sailed smoothly.

The two were back-and-forth for more than a decade before they finally called off, though some fans still think they could get back together. Although the pair already have three children, Kardashian women are famous for their love of large families. Kris has six children, and Kourtney’s sister, Kim.

When Scott and his girlfriend Sofia Richie broke up over the summer, fans were convinced it meant Kourtney and Scott would be back together, and that Disick would have another baby on the way in no time. nothing in between. Many fans maintain that Kourtney and her sisters are willing to have more than one baby father, based on what the KarJens have said before.

Khloé even joked that she needed Tristan Thompson’s sperm to make a brother or sister for her daughter True. If Kourtney wants to have another baby, she can ask Scott to be a father, even if they don’t get back together.

Sources close to Kourtney believe the two are not getting back together despite the ongoing courtship between Scott and the mother of his children.

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