‘KUWTK’: A Small Detail in Kim Kardashian West’s Workout Video Has Fans Flustered

Kim Kardashian West and her sisters have amazing bodies. They need to work out and eat a special diet to maintain their figures, especially after they have children, right? But the KarJens are a big secret about the workplaces and the food. They promote a particular diet or food on Instagram, but fans know little about their habits. Kardashian West recently posted a video of her training, and fans are shouting for more.

Kim Kardashian West doesn’t wear her hair up when she’s working out

The other thing that worried fans about this video is that Kim has no pressure on the bar. In the video, Kim seems to be struggling with the number of reps she has to make. The video is only 30 seconds long, so there isn’t too much work for someone as appropriate as Kim. One follower commented:

“There is no pressure on that bar. Because of how often she works out … She is very weak. Before I get down: I am aware that there is pressure on the bar; there is very little problem because she has 1 on 1 training. ”

In fact, Kim ‘s lack of pressure and struggles could be further evidence that the video is at least somewhat staged. Maybe she’s putting on a show for the camera and pretending she’s having a hard time. After all, as the beginner said, Kim has regular one-on-one training. She may be pretty used to working now, but she probably wanted to spice up her work video a bit by making it awkward.

Some people argue that Kim Kardashian West doesn’t work out often

Other fans agreed that Kim seems to be just a weakling. One beginner compared her to her sister Khloe. Kardashian ‘s younger sister worries a lot about her work, but she and Kim don’t have much muscle tone. The fan wrote, “It honestly amazes me how much she and Khloe work out, they have very little muscle definition.”

Other fans think Kim may not be focused on muscle definition, which is why she doesn’t have pressure on the bar. One fan who is familiar with Kim’s machine wrote, “I don’t think she means squat with weights but just to stop her from doing squats. deep. ”

But not all fans bought Kim’s video at all. They even think this is further evidence that Kim’s lump is fake. She’s always been accused of getting implants or leg injections, and fans believe squats like this won’t get Kim Kardashian West’s lump. One follower commented:

“Seriously, you literally can’t get a shoe as big as doing weightless squats with the support of chicken legs. I was tuning out whenever the sisters do exercise content because ** t bre is a lie None of them are athletes and their bodies are bought and sold. paid. If you want real strength and wellness see Serena Williams. “

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