Kristen Bell’s Parenting Strategies During a Pandemic Include Riddles, Laundry, and Bob Ross

Keeping children engaged in a global pandemic is no small task Frozen alum Kristen Bell has a few tricks up the aisle.

The mother of two is unwilling to let her children go out while they watch records or sit around doing nothing. Instead, she and her husband Dax Shepard have come up with creative ways to keep their “really strong” girls busy and full of residence.

Maybe some of her methods look weird. But even jobs can be like a game with the right perspective, Bell wants.

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard apply 2 rules in their home

Kristen Bell
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It’s easy enough to sit around all day now that most activity is off. But Bell and Shepard fight back against a lazy trap by enforcing two family – wide rules that everyone must follow. Their daughters Lincoln, 7, and Delta, 6, need to exercise both physically and mentally every day.

“We have a rule in our home: Every day you have to do one thing for your brain and one thing for your body,” said Bell Domino iris. “Often there is individual brain activity, such as a puzzle or word analysis, and physical activity is soccer.”

She continued, “We all play together and strengthen the intensity by competing on behalf of our Harry Potter houses. There is a lot of talk of junk, and the girls often think they are playing Quidditch. ”

They incorporate the art of life

The Veronica Mars not afraid of a star too small, either. She encourages her daughters to study art in nature. “My kids pick flowers in the neighborhood not only for the fun of arranging bouquets (my oldest daughter is a big fan of Kristen Griffith VanderYacht) but also for drawing them,” she explained.

She also encourages her children to express their feelings through art. “I try to explain things like Abstract Expressionism – how some people can draw their emotions. If they are harassed or harassed, they scratch with a black mark and say that is how they feel. ”

Kristen Bell has some tips for doing a great job

Even in these strange times, it is a routine like cleaning and laundry. But Bell argues that these menial actions can be part of the sport.

She told Domino, “Let me measure and add the cleaning machine and press the buttons on the machines. We usually end up with half the cleaning machine on the floor, but I try to let it go because it’s worth teaching them the right life skill. And when the dryer is done, we put the laundry away together. ”

The ‘Frozen’ actor lets his girls watch TV, with a few rules

It would make sense for Bell girls to just watch Frozen repeated. Instead, Bell opts for in-app education programs. And she’s not over happy little trees when the event deserves it.

“Anything and everything on PBS is based on education, so I don’t feel too guilty about it when I need to rest. I love Squad Odd. They teach about maths and spelling, ”she said. “We’ve also been watching the painter Bob Ross the night before my children go to sleep, and it’s a surprise to them.”

Bell and Shepard encourage creativity at home

Pandemic playtime would not be complete without a little imaginative play. Bell says the whole family is involved in storytelling and making him believe.

“Wordplay, puzzles, or anything that builds on storytelling are very popular in our house,” she said. Domino. “My husband has just started playing the improv game with our oldest daughter, where she gets praise from the audience and then she has to make a story around it.”

She continued, “By permission, the story is still like an LSD trip or a weird mushroom experience as it works on structure. But it’s a great way to stay in that imaginary place! “

Sounds like a fun family all around, no matter what age you are.

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