Kristen Bell Explains Why She Quit Using Recreational Marijuana 2 Years Ago — ‘I’m Always Around My Children’

Kristen Bell has no problem admitting that she has been tested with marijuana.

The Golden Globe-named star is married to fellow actress Dax Shepard and together, the couple has two children. They still work in Hollywood. But ever since they became parents, Bell and Shepard have insisted that they put their children first.

For Bell, that means giving up her previous habits, like recreational marijuana use. However, she has yet to invest heavily in promoting CBD products, which she calls “redesigning” her “mental self-care. ”

Critics came after Kristen Bell for using marijuana

Kristen Bell
Kristen Bell | Vera Anderson / WireImage

Many celebrities from Willie Nelson to Lady Gaga admit to using marijuana to help manage stress, detoxify and avoid alcohol. But Bell faced a ton of criticism for his pro-pot stance in 2018.

“I really like my vape pen and I smoke around my husband. It is unlikely that he will be bothered, ”said the Forgetting Sarah Marshall said a star during a podcast interview, according to HuffPost. “Herb rules. Once a week, if I’m tired and we’re going to sit down and watch 60 minutes, Why not?”

And after recovering from getting real about marijuana use, she says she didn’t pay any attention to it, Refinery29 recitation. “Of course, I don’t care. [Marijuana is] legal in California – so maybe bring it up with California if you have a problem with it? ”

She cut back marijuana because she had children

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard
Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard Jon Kopaloff / FilmMagic

While Bell is still defending the benefits of marijuana, she said she will not get high in front of her children.

“Because I’m always around my kids, I don’t have a chance [use recreational marijuana]. But I will honestly say that if I get the choice, I would rather use marijuana in any form than get a glimpse of something. I’m not an alcoholic. ”

Instead of regular herbs, Bell prefers CBD products and even invests in one of her favorite companies to make the products more accessible to everyone.

Kristen Bell unveiled the affordable brand CBD Happy Dance

Bell came across Lord Jones ’line of CBD products and quickly fell in love. However, she acknowledged that many fans and admirers were unable to confirm the expensive results. So she talked to them about making a product line more accessible.

The mother of two remembered, “I said, ‘Listen, you are the ones who will produce the best results. Can we work together to find out how to produce a product that meets all our values ​​and has an accessibility feature? I don’t want anyone to take a shower when they look at the receipt. ‘”

She focuses on self-care during the pandemic – with CBD

Kristen Bell
Kristen Bell | Polk / Getty rich images for IMDb

The release of three products of CBD Body Butter, CBD Coconut Melt, and CBD Bath Bombs has led to that conversation. It’s all part of her mission to help everyone get into self-care, even in the time of a global pandemic.

Bell said CBD helps her, “feel like a thermostat in the room at the right temperature” and soothes her racing thoughts.

“My mental self-care has been redesigned because at the time of COVID I realized that I needed to give everyone a lot more grace, myself included. You’re going to see everyone’s things when you spend this time together, so you have to make time for the things that set you up and make you ‘feels good.’

And that is entirely in line with its aims. “My main goal in life is to promote happiness and reduce suffering,” she told Refinery29. “I felt obligated by my voice and the platform to share good information with others who may need it. Happy Dancing is a mind and mantra that reminds you that you are important. ”

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