Kobe Bryant Sued His Parents for Selling His Memorabilia Without Consent

Kobe Bryant is known to millions of fans around the world as one of the most celebrated basketball players ever. A talented hunting guard, Bryant achieved the level of fame that many NBA players can’t dream of – and made it all the way, staying true to his personal code of ethics and manner of conduct.

As a married man and a father of four daughters, Bryant’s life was cut short sadly as a result of a helicopter crash. However, Bryant fans will never forget the inevitable look he made at the sport of basketball. While Bryant ‘s life was full of interesting career heights, there were some lows as well – most notably, an incident in which his parents claimed he sold his memorabilia without his permission.

Kobe Bryant celebrates for his players during a game
Kobe Bryant marks a player in a game | Ronald Martinez / Getty Images

Why did Kobe Bryant become famous?

Kobe Bryant was born in Pennsylvania in 1978. He developed his lifelong relationship for basketball when he was only three years old, and as the only son of a former NBA player, young Bryant found a lot of practice time. there.

In high school, Bryant first began to gain an awareness for his abilities, and quickly became a star of a varsity basketball team. In 1996, he was nominated for the NBA draft, after being recognized as the premier high school basketball player in the United States.

After landing with the Los Angeles Lakers, Bryant earned a reputation as a fan. He would eventually spend his entire 20-year basketball career with the Lakers. Bryant won several awards during his time on the court, including five NBA tournaments. He was also an 18-time All-Star and a 15-time member of the All-NBA Team.

When did Kobe Bryant die?

Kobe Bryant retired from basketball after the 2015-16 season, after more than two decades in the sport he was so passionate about. However, Bryant was active in the community, working on a number of projects in which he was interested, including writing and reporting an animated film with the title. Dear Basketball. Bryant even won an Academy Award for the moving short film.

There is no doubt that Bryant would have continued to earn acclaim from critics and fans as his life progressed. Sadly, he was tragically killed in January 2020, when a helicopter carrying Bryant, one of his young daughters, and seven others, crashed in Calabasas, California. Fans around the world mourned for Bryant, even as they celebrated his legacy.

Kobe Bryant memoir

As a result of Kobe Bryant passing, many fans looked to stories from the past as proof of how the famous baller got over his face. One story, in particular, has unfolded in recent months.

In 2013, Bryant was at the top of his game when he found out that his parents were planning to sell some of his personal memorabilia without permission.

according to ESPN, Bryant was angry, and quickly sued the company that intended to hold the auction for the benefit of his parents. Things like high school uniforms and Bryant rings would mark the 2000 Lakers tournament team.

An agreement was finally reached in the lawsuit, which allowed less than 10 percent of the products originally intended to be sold – six items in total.

Bryant’s parents apologized in a written statement, saying that they “apologize for any misunderstanding and unforeseen pain we have caused our son and we appreciate the financial support he has received. he gave over the years. ”

Bryant had no idea, according to the article, when he was contacted for the story. While the incident apparently caused a bit of drama within the family, Bryant chose to keep things classic when handling it in public.

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