Kevin Hart’s Former Friend Makes Shocking Allegations About Hart’s Cheating Scandal

Kevin Hart’s deception scandal is no longer a hot topic but that doesn’t stop the man Hart complains of going from his side of the story. Comedy an old friend, JT Jackson, says he is innocent. Furthermore, he alleges that Hart and the emergency management team used it as a scapegoat to try to find out that Hart was not impatient.

Kevin and Eniko Hart
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Repetition of Kevin Hart’s fake scandal

Rumors of Hart’s accusation of infidelity began months into the pregnancy of his wife Eniko. There was little evidence until a secret video of Hart in a vehicle with another woman was released to the public.

While it was not clear that anything was happening from the videos, Hart appeared to be in a difficult position.

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Several weeks later, Hart posted a video to his social media apologizing to his wife and family for the crime. He did not specify what exactly he did.

It was later revealed that Hart was cheating on a woman named Montia Sabbag. What happened to him was secretly recorded from their hotel room in Las Vegas.

Kevin Hart accuses former friend JT Jackson of retaliation

In his apology video, Hart mentioned a close friend fired him for financial gain with the release of the video under Hart and Sabbag. That man appears to be Hart’s friend and colleague, Jackson.

The allegations against Jackson include setting up a video camera and capturing pictures of Hart and Sabbag. As a result, Sabbag filed a $ 60 million lawsuit against Hart and Jackson.

In the suit, she accused Hart and Jackson of collaborating together to make a secret film of Hart ‘s hand in an attempt to release the tape to promote Hart’ s upcoming comedy tour.

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Both Hart and Jackson claimed innocence, but Hart agreed with Sabbag that Jackson founded the establishment. He spoke with his entourage about the problem in his 2019 six-part Netflix docuseries, Dont F ** k This Up.

“To this day there is still a piece of me like that, ‘there’s no way,'” Hart told the Jackson series.

JT Jackson says Kevin Hart lies about being involved in Hart’s sex tape scandal – says Hart is disappointed he was caught

Jackson is speaking publicly for the first time about the problem. In a new interview with Hype comedy on YouTube, Jackson says Hart and his team used it to thwart a statement from Hart ‘s cheating.

“This started as a man who cheated on the pregnant woman on her birthday weekend in Vegas,” he says. “That’s how this story ran for a long time and Kevin’s team managed to transfer that story to Kevin suffering something that happened in Las Vegas. ”

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Jackson explains further how Hart’s power and money helped him escape from accountability.

“Kevin brought together a team of very powerful and well-known lawyers, along with his agents, managers, what do you have, and they basically put together a story to make Kevin look like the person who suffer in the matter, ”he says. ”

Jackson always denies being involved in a sex tape scandal. Hart clearly believes otherwise.

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