Kenzie Ziegler Reunites with ‘Dance Moms’ Castmate for Her New Video, ‘Donuts’

Kenzie Ziegler has been in the spotlight from a very young age and her popularity has only grown over the years. To date, it has a whopping 19.6 million followers on TikTok as well as 15 million on Instagram. And Ziegler is certainly taking advantage of her fan base to support her career. Although she may have started as a dancer, (she rose to fame after appearing in the famous show Lifetime, Dancing Moms) these days the 16-year-old girl puts her energy into music.

Kenzie Ziegler age 15
Kenzie Ziegler | Paras Griffin / Getty Images

Kenzie Ziegler releases her new single, ‘Donuts’

Ziegler has shown an interest in singing for years and began taking voice lessons at an early age. During her time on it Dancing Moms, she recorded her first song and music video by her name It’s a girl’s party and began to build her fan base. Since leaving the show, Ziegler is on her second album, Ceumannan, and add additional songs and music videos. The singer “Hot” has even teamed up with Australian pop singer Sia for a song called “Exhale.”

And it seems that the dancer will never slow down anytime soon. On November 18, 2020, Ziegler released her latest song, “Donuts” with a music video. The song also features Yung Bae and a nice video in a retro diner. While the song isn’t about eating donuts, Ziegler managed to partner with Dunkin ’and the big series can be seen in her video as well.

The TikTok star explains the lyrics for her new song

But what is “Donuts” about? The lyrics mean it’s about getting mixed signals from someone who has romantic feelings for you. In an interview with Elite Daily, Ziegler shared his catch of the song. “It’s not based on anyone in particular,” Ziegler admitted. “I feel like it’s just about boys not knowing what they want. I feel like boys and girls are very different. Girls fall very fast, and boys are sometimes players, and I feel like this song is just like, ‘What do you want?’ ”

The song may be rooted in the difficulties faced by many young people at the age of Ziegler, but the video is all about fun. For the hunt, the singer used some of her closest friends, who, according to Ziegler, made the Donuts more interesting video to film. “When I’m with my friends it’s always a fun time, and it’s so real and real,” Ziegler said. “I’m glad I got them involved. ”

Ziegler caught ‘Dance Moms’ alum Nia Sioux for the video

One friend that fans might recognize from the video is Nia Sioux, another Dancing Moms alum. Sioux, like Ziegler, was also a founding member of the Abby Lee Dance Company Elite Junior Competition team. Ziegler and Sioux have been friends for years and were often duet partners together when competing in dance competitions for the show. We are sure that fans are happy that they are maintaining a close relationship today and are very supportive of each other. We know that Ziegler fans are looking forward to hearing more music from her.

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