Kendall Jenner Reveals the Simple Way She Overcame Her Acne Struggles

Acne has been an ongoing battle for Kendall Jenner. Since she was 14-years-old, the model has struggled with acne-prone skin, which has been one of her biggest misconceptions to date.

Although she eventually found a skin regime that helped her maintain a clear vision, Jenner still found herself breaking out every once in a while. But after changing a few things in her daily routine, Jenner found that she wasn’t breaking down as consistently and recently opened up about what she’s been doing differently in a video. new for Vogue.

Kendall Jenner
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Kendall Jenner has experienced teenage acne breakouts

Although her sisters know she has skinless skin, Jenner had to work hard to achieve the clear cause she has today.

As a teenager, the supermodel struggled with her acne-prone skin and continued to fight a pesky break-in into adult life. No matter what she did, Jenner didn’t seem to be stopping her hunger and soon became very unsure of the way her skin looked.

“I had experience [acne] at two different times in my life, ”the Keeping up with the Kardashians star told Bustle in 2019. “It’s acceptable to be in high school, when you’re trying to do and be a part of something, and I wouldn’t even look people in the eye when I was talk to them. ”

She continued: “The next time it came around, I was supposed to be like this model who has it all together. That’s never true, first of all – good skin or not. But the whole world is watching you, and it’s like a magnifying glass on everything you do and what happens to you. ”

Using Proactiv helped clear Kendall Jenner’s debilitating acne cleanser

After dealing with much of her young adult life, Jenner decided she was not “going to let go. [acne] get me down. Instead of being defined by her skin, Jenner addressed her face-to-face insecurity.

In 2019, skin care brand Proactiv asked Jenner to join them after seeing her skin tension focused in the media. Although she was a little skeptical about using the product at first, the model gave the brand a try and they started seeing immediate results.

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A year later, the model’s debilitating skin issues disappeared, and she credits the Proactiv products she used to clearing her acne for good.

“I found something that has been helpful in keeping my skin clear,” she wrote in 2019 Post Instagram. “It’s a long journey but I’m excited about where my skin is now. I never thought I would see the day when I would confidently post a free photo. ”

This is how Kendall Jenner keeps her feeling now clear

While Proactiv has successfully dealt with her skin issues, Jenner says she has dealt with minor breakouts now and then.

While the supermodel finds out that her hunger goes up a bit more during Fashion Month because of the amount she has to spend, she realized that her skin would still breaking even when it wasn’t working.

“I was trying to figure out for so long why my skin was breaking out,” she recalled in a new video for Vogue. “Were it hormones? Is that what I eat? Am I allergic to something? Am I using the wrong products? ”

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She continued, “As soon as I felt like I was putting down my regime, I knew that wasn’t what I was putting on my face. ”

Jenner then considered how her diet would affect the appearance of her skin.

“I started thinking about my diet a lot and decided to cut out milk,” she said before adding, “but not entirely, I love cheese, so it is hard for me to cut out cheese. ”

As well as eating her food, Jenner has also been drinking a ton of water, which she says has “honestly helped me.”

Staying natural, authentic and true is how Jenner plans to continue telling the story around her skin care journey. And from what she can tell, she is not afraid to open up about an issue that was once the biggest insecurity.

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