Kelsey Grammer’s Ex-Fiancé Helped Camille Grammer Through Their Messy 2010 Divorce: ‘She Had No Idea What Was Coming’

Kelsey Grammer has found love with Kayte Walsh, but there were several paths on her way to “the one”. The Fraser the star was in an obvious relationship with five other women before he and Walsh tied the knot. But her divorce in 2011 with Camille Grammer seems to be the most famous divorce, and it seems to have been the woman who took it away from the one who helped her through it.

Kelsey Grammer and Camille Grammer;  Kelsey Grammer and Tammi Baliszewski
Kelsey Grammer and Camille Grammer; Kelsey Grammer and Tammi Baliszewski Countess Jemal / WireImage; Ron Galella, Ltd./Getty Images

Camille Grammer stole Kelsey Grammer away from her boyfriend, Tammi Baliszewski

Kelsey Grammer has a long history of bad relationships. He has been married four times, shared a child with an unmarried ex, and was previously attached to someone else. Overall, it’s a real relationship or. 6 is joined by Kayte Walsh, and his predecessor, Tammi Baliszewski, says he is replacing women at the drop of a hat.

Tammi and Kelsey began dating back in 1994. The pair barely dated before Kelsey suggested; they were only together for three months. However, he put the question in the back of a limousine, and Tammi said yes. Shortly afterwards, the couple appeared on the cover of People magazine, where they announced their connection to the world. But it did not last.

Tammi revealed that Kelsey had spent some time living in their relationship – and when he came out, he told her he had met someone else. “You are the apple of the eye, the center of the universe, and then it will take its place,” said Tammi Internal editing in 2011, shortly after Grammer drew the same fate on his third wife, Camille. “He ended up in a reset, he came out, and he was interviewed and he told the media that he had found the love of his life, and not me. ”

Kelsey and Camille Grammer in 2003
Kelsey and Camille Grammer in 2003 | SGranitz / WireImage

Tammi Baliszewski was sympathetic to Camille at the time of Camille’s divorce from Kelsey

The other woman was Camille Donatocci, whom he met in 1996. The couple were married before 1997 and had two children. However, like Grammer ‘s other obvious relationships, this one didn’t last.

In July 2010, news broke that Grammer had filed for divorce from Camille. Grammer apparently met flight attendant Kayte Walsh while flying from Los Angeles to London, and declared his liking at first sight. The two spent time together in the UK, and the couple’s relationship lasted for several months before he filed for divorce from Camille. Surprisingly, Tammi was there for Camille when it happened.

After Tammi and Kelsey split, Tammi wrote a book, “Manifesting Love From the Inside Out” about finding love within herself rather than someone else. And when the divorce of Camille and Kelsey was announced, Tammi sent a copy to Camille.

Kelsey Grammer and Tammi Baliszewski in 1994
Kelsey Grammer and Tammi Baliszewski in 1994 | Ron Galella / Getty Images

“When I was hurt to that extent,” she says, “I thought, ‘There’s nothing I can do to make me feel better,'” she said. Tammi E! News, saying “she had no idea what was coming. ”And for that, she sympathized with Camille, who went through the same thing. That’s also why she sent the book. In her interview with Inside Edition, Tammi said she and Camille talked about Kelsey’s connection to Kayte in the middle of his divorce with Camille.

“I was talking to Camille about it [the engagement]. His range of girls is in his late twenties. It gets older but the girls kinda live the same! ”She said. Tammi said that despite Camille being the other woman in the relationship, she and Camille are friends. “Camille’s heart is kind, generous, sweet, loving and gracious.”

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