Kelly Rowland Says Beyoncé and Solange Are ‘Exceptional’ Moms: ‘I’ve Learned a Lot’ From Them

Some people mistakenly think Kelly Rowland is just one of the Beyoncé backing singers in the Destiny’s Child girl group. You might expect Rowland to have bitter feelings towards Beyoncé for staying in her shadow for several years. But Rowland seems to be grateful to Beyoncé for many things, including her parenting as a working mother.

Rowland recently opened Ashley Graham’s podcast, Great Big Design, about the hardships of motherhood and what she learned from Queen B along the way.

Kelly Rowland ‘s musical career

Rowland was, in fact, one of the three women who made up Destiny’s Child, the group that started Beyoncé’s musical career. Since the group broke up, however, she has not sat around as Beyoncé began to rule the world. Rowland also has her own successful career.

She became a solo recording artist during her time with Destiny’s Child and had several hits in the 2000s, including Nelly’s “Dilemma”. Rowland’s debut album was released at No. 1 in the UK Since then, she has released five studio albums. She has always been a very talented singer and won a place as a coach on the singing competition, The Voice of Australia.

Rowland has also embarked on a very successful acting career in recent years. She has had some of her most popular film roles Think as a person and Hulu’s Bad hair. Recently, a holiday movie was filmed called Merry Christmas, and she opened up about how she felt resentful about stepping away from her family for this gig.

Rowland family life

Fortunately, Rowland chose not to let her guilt hold her back from office. She took advice from those around her. She told Ashley Graham about it runs Great Big Design podcast, “However, this mother said, ‘No, it’ s important to see you work. It’s important that he sees you doing things you love that will make you happy. ‘ […] Someone told me to bring it in, in my work, because they understand your place. “That sounds like a huge intrusion.

Rowland says she was also inspired by watching her ex-band Beyoncé and recording artist Solange continue to kill as working mothers in Hollywood:

“I looked [Beyoncé] do it all the time with her children. She is such a special mother. I have learned a lot from her. I learned a lot from Solange. Solange is such a good mother … I feel surrounded by those amazing women who always feed me when they don’t know they are. I just watch them. Nothing says. They just give me so much life and I love them.

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