Keanu Reeves Was a Reporter for an ’80s Kids’ News Show and the Clips Are So Adorably Awkward

When Keanu Reeves was first trying to break into the world of acting, he took an interesting gig – as a reporter for a children’s news program called Going well. Take a look at the weird snippets from the show and you’ll see how far Reeves has come from those early days.

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Reeves co-hosted a children’s concert

When Reeves was 20, he was a journalist and co-host for the third season of the Canadian Broadcasting Company show Going well. As a presenter for the program, Reeves would interview people and cover events and stories about people’s interest.

Reeves was in attendance for a report from the first International Teddy Bear Convention in Canada. In the clip, he is heard in a voiceover saying that he expected “a lot of craziness” at the event.

The actor donned his journalist hat for the gig, asking questions such as, “Why are Teddy the first names of the bears?” and discovering that one woman’s bear went to Paws Preparatory School for college.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of calm ensues as he works as a teddy bear attacking and wearing sunglasses while interviewing one bear.

“I’ve been looking for you,” he said in the clip. “We just went down to the bear cafe and talked about a bear. Listen, you know competition is a requirement? We have problems. So listen, let’s go down. Let’s talk business, and hey, everything will be fine. I love this one. Then he kisses the bear.

Keanu Reeves interviewed impressive children

In other clips from the show, Reeves interviewed a young juggler and a riding teacher. The actor even taught himself how to ride a horse. He once asks the riding teacher, “Is that what you want to do? I mean, like, when you grow up and you’re a real person. ”

For the juggler section, Reeves ponders in the sequel, “How difficult can juggling be?” and discovering how challenging it is to master this skill.

Reeves decided he was fired from the gig

While it seemed that the actor did a workable role as a writer for the show, during 2017 Show tonight with Jimmy Fallon interview, when asked about the gig, it appeared that he had been burned.

Reeves was not cut out for being a reporter, apparently, because he said he was fired after one year of making the show. Fallon played a clip from the Reeves teddy bear collection as he walked down a memory series.

“It was one of my first gigs,” Reeves explained, adding, “It was a children’s show and… they would put you out and talk to children doing things. . It was a lot of fun. ”

When Fallon asked the actor if he had learned how to do anything, he said, “interviews with people, I believe.” The guest suggested a talk show that Reeves would deserve to fill in for him if he was ever sick.

“No, I couldn’t fill those shoes,” Reeves said of the offer.

When asked how long Reeves made the show, Fallon admitted, “They fired on me after the first year. I got a year of Going well … And then it didn’t go at all. ”

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