Keanu Reeves Once Expertly Dodged Fans’ Suspicions that He Is Immortal

While some stars post everything on social media, others prefer to keep a little secret about their lives. And without facts, weird fans often fill the gaps with wild profiteering about a celebrity. Keanu Reeves is in the final section, with viewers commenting on the John of Wick immortal actor. And Reeves just doesn’t remove the rumor.

Keanu Reeves standing in Paris
Keanu Reeves standing in Paris JOEL SAGET / AFP through Getty Images

Keanu Reeves is the ‘internet lover’

Over the years, Reeves has gained a special reputation in Hollywood. His acts of generosity and philanthropy – especially involving country gifts – are established as one of the good ones. Moreover, his calm, cool attitude towards the industry and the world at large has only brought more and more fans to Reeves over the years.

In the 2010s, Reeves saw a major revival. Both as the meme “Sad Keanu” and the John of Wick it can be said that the actor made more of a show than ever before. And in the last few years, fans have called him “the lover of the internet.” ”That title feels more ambitious than ever since Reeves went public with his girlfriend Alexandra Grant in November 2019.

Either way, Keanu Reeves has great movies on the way

Whether immortal or not, Reeves has a lot going on these days. In 2020, he returned to one of his earliest careers in Bill and Ted Face the Music. He also made a cameo as a wise Sage entered The film Spongebob: Sponge on the Run. As a result of the pandemic, both films went to on-demand services rather than gaining proper theater freedom.

And the next Reeves enters Am Matrix franchise in 2021. The fourth film – directed by Lana Wachowski – will be reunited with co-star Carrie-Anne Moss. Details of the plot remain a mystery. Beyond that, Reeves is poised to reproduce the title role in at least two more John of Wick movies. No release dates have been announced for the fourth and fifth chapters of that franchise.

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