Keanu Reeves On the Real Reason He and Sandra Bullock Never Dated

Set romances are very common in Hollywood. But for Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock, it never happened.

Keanu Reeves Sandra Bullock
Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Despite appearing in two films together – Astar and The lake house – and with a fun and funny friendship, Reeves and Bullock never went backwards. According to Reeves, there’s a good reason he never called Bullock out.

Sandra Bullock teased Keanu Reeves on the set of ‘Speed’

Today, Bullock is an acclaimed and confident actress who won an Oscar and is a household name. But back in 1994, Bullock was a young actress working on the film that would be a big break for her – Astar.

Landing Annie Porter’s landing was a big time in Bullock’s career. She played with Reeves, who was one of the hottest young stars in Hollywood. And during the 2018 look at it Ellen DeGeneres exhibition, Bullock admitted she had a lot of pressure on the actor.

according to The Things, DeGeneres asked Bullock about 25 years ago Speed’s release. And Bullock remembered just how sweet Reeves was on set.

“I think of how sweet Keanu Reeves was, and – how elegant he was,” Bullock said.

She went on to say that she was so crushed by Reeves that it was “difficult” for her to be “genuine” when working in a scene together. Bullock admitted that all Reeves had to look at her, and inside she started giggling.

When DeGeneres asked Bullock why she and Reeves never set a date, she said she wasn’t sure why.

“He did not date it. I think there was something about me, I think he didn’t like it, ”said Bullock. “I think maybe we’ve been friends for so long because we haven’t [hook up]. ”

Keanu Reeves answers Sandra Bullock’s comments

A few months after Bullock appeared on it Ellen DeGeneres exhibition, Reeves stopped by for a chat. And, of course, it didn’t take long for DeGeneres to bring up Bullock’s ideas.

When the show’s guest asked Reeves what he thought of Bullock’s crush on him, he replied, “Of course she didn’t know I was under a lot of pressure on her either.”

Gasp! Reeves and Bullock were pushing each other at the same time. Now the question is – why did the friendly constellations never catch on? That’s exactly what DeGeneres wanted to find out, so she called Reeves. His explanation was why he never called Bullock out because “we were working.”

Yes, what we have all thought about for 100 years is true. Reeves has always been one of the “good guys” in Hollywood who pays homage to his female colleagues.

However, Reeves says it was “nice to go to work” on the set of Astar known to be Bullock. He described her as “such a wonderful man, an amazing actress.”

The ‘Speed’ constellations remain closely linked more than 25 years later

Both Reeves and Bullock are now in their 50s, and it’s been over a quarter of a year since they first met and pushed each other. However, both ask all the time in interviews about their time Astar, and they like to brag about each other.

After reuniting in 2006 for The lake house, Reeves admitted he could not explain the connection between himself and Bullock. However, it is just there. He admitted that he could not explain the chemistry they share or why they work so well together.

“We just, and I’m happy because I really like her as a man. I always enjoy watching her work. She’s funny like all the heck, smart as a whip…. It was great to have some life under our belts since the last time we worked together. ”

At the time Bullock said, “I don’t know what it is, but I like being around Keanu. I really am. He is a good man. ”

In a 2014 Reddit AMA, Reeves named Bullock as his favorite movie star. It turned out that they get together from time to time for dinner, catch up, and see how things go.

Both Reeves and Bullock have also made it clear that they want to work together again and have in fact been looking for projects in recent years. according to Yahoo, Bullock once joked about possible Speed ​​reunion.

“Yes [when we’re] 67, 69 years of age. We’ll be old and in the bus where they have that lift for the elderly, ”Bullock joked. “We will be an old married couple. We’ll have the walker and it’ll be about how we can get the seniors home before they put on a curfew. So that will be the [new] Astar. It will be a slow film, but a play on the word ‘speed.’ ”

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