Keanu Reeves Intentionally Picks Projects Like ‘The Matrix’ and ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ For 1 Reason

Many Hollywood actors end up getting typecast. They get the same kind of job over and over again so that an audience can’t picture them doing any other kind of work. This can be a struggle for athletes who want to stretch their wings or are just growing out of their normal post.

Some actors will be able to break out of the model with some amazing parts that will make the audience see them with new eyes. In general, it is better for the acting world to associate the image of a person too closely with a particular type of project.

For Keanu Reeves, however, there is an appeal in a certain type of future role that he not only likes to be selected to represent – he actively seeks out the projects.

Keanu Reeves will be attending the CinemaCon Big Screen Performance Awards in 2016
Keanu Reeves | Ethan Miller / Getty Images

Keanu Reeves has a long career

These days, Reeves is known for his immense reputation as one of Hollywood’s best actors as well as for his long film that includes a wide range of films. After 1989 Bill & Ted’s brilliant adventure proven to be a progressive career, it looked like Reeves could get typecast as an aloof and clueless stoner, the kind of character he was repeating Parenting and Bogus Bill & Ted Tour.

It didn’t take long for Reeves to show that he had more talents to share with the world, however. Part of the 1992 horror Dracula Bram Stoker he was very steep from light comedy, and continued with 1993 Ado much about nothing, showing that he was up for romance too.

One of his most famous parts has been playing Jack Travern in full action Speed, but Walking in the clouds – released around the same time – the calming romantic romance that kept him from getting too attached to the action sex.

Future thrushes have become a staple for Keanu Reeves

Clearly, Reeves has proven to be a multi-tasking actor who can go into roles across genres, but there is one type of film where he appears more often than others.

Beginning with 1999s Am Matrix, Reeves has become a common feature in future thrushes. Neo’s role has become a hallmark of the sci-fi genre, and Reeves has faced the part many times for other films in the series including The Matrix has been reloaded and The Revolution Matrix.

Since then, Reeves has appeared in many films with similar themes. Scanner darkly revealing Reeves loses his identity to a new drug in a nearby reality. The day the earth stood still is a remake of the 1951 classic in which foreigners arrive in New York City.

With yet another Matrix film in the works and his stellar role in the video game Cyberpunk 2077, it is clear that this is a genre that continues to draw Reeves inward.

Keanu Reeves is drawn to future roles

Reeves’ appearance in future films is no accident – the star is looking for opportunities. Mar Cinema Mix reports, Reeves is interested in the posts as they allow him to explore his own curiosities about the future.

Reeves explains this interest with his sustainable diet of sci-fi material: “Yeah, I know about the future and I think growing up on William Gibson and Neuromancer, and reading Philip K. Dick, viz Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Looking Road heroes, Mad Max, Bladerunner. Namely Planet of the Apes. Reading Lord of the Rings. A study of fantasy, science fiction. I do dunno, I just feel like the motifs that appear in this kind of story intriguingly explore the world in which we live. ”

Reeves finds the work satisfying and explains that “there was something ambitious or supportive in participating in these stories that made me run away, but helped me explain my global perspective. and defining the world. ”

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