Keanu Reeves Has Bored Netflix Fans Watching 1 of His Worst Movies Ever

Streaming services have breathed new life into many fans. Views as Arrested Improvement, did not make the cut for network television, was revived thanks to Netflix. As a result of the love of fans on the show, it suddenly made a profit for the streaming giant, even if the network did not see a future for it.

Other shows and movies have become very popular as a result of watching too much, and now one of the old Keanu Reeves films is probably getting a second life as well. Although this film moved when it was first released, it has become one of the most watched movies on Netflix.

‘Knock Knock’ stars Keanu Reeves, Lorenza Izzo, and Ana de Armas

Ged Cnoc a ‘Chnuic it wasn’t just a blow when it first came out, it gets a second chance on Netflix. The film was released in 2015.

In this thrush, Reeves plays a successful architect and father. His family leaves without him for Father’s Day weekend, and he stays home to complete a project. His wife, a successful sculptor, tells him that her assistant will stop by to build her latest work for the gallery.

Reeves’ character, named Ewan, hears a knock on the door. Two young women, played by Lorenza Izzo and Ana de Armas, are looking for a party that should be at Ewan’s address.

Ewan tells them that they are at the wrong house. Somehow they stay, despite Ewan trying to find them a cab and even offering them a ride. The women claim to be horrified by Ewan.

Keanu Reeves will attend the world premiere of John Wick: Chapter 3 in New York City
Keanu Reeves | Mike Coppola / WireImage

In the morning, the girls have made themselves at home and will not leave. When Ewan claims to go, the girls pretend to be underage, and threaten legal action if Ewan calls them the cops. They have also damaged the image of Ewan’s wife.

Ewan finally gets the girls to go, and apparently drives them to where they are. But he is not home long when the girls return. They break into his house, tie him up, and force him to have sex with them. Unbeknownst to Ewan, they record what happened.

When a helper reaches his wife, he is killed in a fight with the girls. Although they plan to kill Ewan and even dig his grave, the girls eventually allow him to stay. But they upload the video of infidelity to his Facebook page before he leaves. Ewan’s wife and family are returning home to an old and broken home.

‘Knock Knock’ moves around # 2 on Netflix

Fans may be excited Cnoc a ‘Chnuic for they had never seen him. Despite being a Reeves star, Cnoc a ‘Chnuic he did not do well when it was first released, so it ‘s new to a lot of fans. He made just over $ 18,000 on opening, which is very sad for Reeves’ film.

It raised just over $ 6 million worldwide. Most of its earnings came from the international market. In the U.S., the film far exceeded $ 1 million. The film’s domestic profit was somewhere around $ 36,000. The film had a low budget, around $ 2 million, so it was not a total loss. But if Netflix keeps it around, it could make up for its poor appearance in theaters.

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