Keanu Reeves Had a Legendary Rocker for a Babysitter and His 1 Memory From the Time Is so Bizarre

Keanu Reeves had an interesting connection with a famous rock star when he was just a kid – the legendary rocker was the Reeves defender. The actress recalled the circumstances behind how Alice Cooper came to look after her as well as one rather strange memory from the time.

Keanu Reeves will be attending the 92nd Annual Academy Awards 2020
Keanu Reeves will be attending the 92nd Annual Academy Awards 2020 | Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic

Keanu Reeves was a rock star defender

In 2017 The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon interview, Reeves shared the story of how Alice Cooper would look at it. Because Reeves’ mother was a costume designer in Toronto, she worked with celebrities and Cooper was one of them.

When asked if it was a scary experience, as Fallon photographed Cooper in his signature, the actor said, “Well it didn’t look like sin. ”

Reeves was a bit muddy about every detail since he was so young at the time, but said he was told that Cooper was his defender.

He had one strange memory from that time, however.

“I was raised in Toronto and I lived on a street called Hazleton and there was a recording studio there called Nimbus 9 and my mother was in costume design,” Reeves recalled. “She was in rock and roll, in the industry and they had friends and she had friends so Alice Cooper, he’s told me, looks after me. I mean, I don’t know how that could have happened, but thachair apparently happened. ”

Reeves didn’t remember much from the experience, but said, “I remember there was fake poo in the fridge. Like somehow, that was connected. ”

Keanu Reeves was a journalist for a children’s concert

During the interview, Fallon continued to walk down a series of memories with the actor, picking up an early gig at Reeves in Toronto – writer for the ’80s kids’ show Going well.

Reeves only held the job for one season of the show, however. After Fallon played a clip from Reeves’ recitation at a teddy bear conference, the actor said, “It was one of my first gigs. ”

He continued, “It was a children’s show and… they would send you out and talk to children about doing things. It was a lot of fun. ”

Fallon asked Reeves if he had learned how to do anything, to which he replied, “Interviews with people, I believe.” The guest of the speech show asked if Reeves would cover for him if he was ever ill.

“No, I couldn’t fill those shoes,” Reeves replied.

As for the reason behind the short gig, Reeves admitted, “They fired me after the first year. I got a year of Going well … And then it didn’t go at all. ”

In another Show tonight interview the same year, Reeves discussed how his manager wanted to change his name when he came to Hollywood. He came up with two possible options: Chuck Spadina or Templeton Page Taylor.

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