Keanu Reeves Had 1 Insightful Response When a Fan Asked Him About Dreams

Keanu Reeves there is a beloved actor in Hollywood. He has gained many fans over the years after stories of his kindness and generosity went viral on the internet. In addition to these stories, Reeves also encourages people to share visual ideas from time to time. In one scenario, a fan asked him about dreams, and Reeves shared something visual about them.

Keanu Reeves will attend the New York premiere of ‘Siberia’ on July 11, 2018
Keanu Reeves | Gary Gershoff / WireImage

What Keanu Reeves told a fan about dreams

In a Reddit AMA since 2014, a fan has asked Reeves what he thinks of dreams.

“Are you dreaming? And if so, do you believe in the power of dreaming? ” the fan asked, saying if Reeves repeatedly dreamed of someone asking him to “find them,” would Reeves make any sense out of it?

“Or do you believe that our brains fire at random pistols about random people when we dream and that they should be seen that way? ”Said the fan.

In response, Reeves offered his views on what dreams mean to him.

“I think sometimes – our dreams can teach us, guide us, confuse us… sometimes I think they are looking at them,” he wrote. “And in terms of that, they’re an opportunity and I definitely think they could be used to focus, to try to achieve – whether it’s looking for someone, or influencing us , or encourage us. ”

Keanu Reeves also revealed a fun story about how he made friends

Reeves has talked about more sad topics as well, such as death. Reeves seems to know a thing or two about grief seeing how he dealt with a great loss in his life. In 1993, he lost his close friend River Phoenix from drug overdose. Six years later, his girlfriend, Jennifer Syme, was killed in a car crash.

When asked by Stephen Colbert what Reeves thinks would happen after we die, he said, “I know those who love us will miss us.”

In an interview with The Keeper, Reeves also spoke about the process of mourning people, saying, “I don’t think you’ll ever work through it. Love and loss, these are things that will never go away. They will stay with you. ”

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