Keanu Reeves Explaining CGI to a Kid Is the Cutest Keanu Moment Ever

Keanu Reeves has rightly earned a reputation as the best man in Hollywood because he is just like that. Whether it’s helping someone after their car breaks down, surprising a fan who put up a sign for the actor in her garden, or teaching a child with an interest in how CGI working, Reeves has proved many times that he is a kind and kind man.

Keanu Reeves will attend the 92nd Annual Academy Awards in 2020
Keanu Reeves | Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic

Keanu Reeves interestingly told a little boy how CGI works

In an interview in 2012 on the Late show by Craig Ferguson, Reeves explained how the documentary went Side by side that he worked on the study of “the art, science and influence of digital cinema. ”

“The kind of documentary looks into‘ what we win and what we lose ’” with technology, he explained. “I think if a film is gone, we lose a lot – the way it looks, the way it feels. ”

In one part of the documentary, Reeves is seen trying to come up with a complicated process for a young boy who asks, “How did you get into the computer? ”

“So I would have my hand, and then they would take a picture of it, and then in a computer, they would make an animation of, like, a silver hand, and then they would show you on a movie screen,” he said. explain sweetly.

The boy smiled after hearing the explanation and Reeves smiled a little.

Keanu Reeves once helped Octavia Spencer with her car

Octavia Spencer has shared the story of how Reeves came to her rescue in the early days when she was on her way to a lab.

Spencer explained it Graham Norton Exhibition in that 2020 Am Matrix they had just come out at the time. Her car broke down “in this beautiful area of ​​Beverly Hills, and there was a café and all those people are sitting out there, and the cars were respectful,” she said. “Nobody could help me.”

Reeves arrived and asked if she needed help, asking her to get into the car and he would push her on the street. She was grateful for his help but “mortified” as her car was covered in bird poop and she was wearing sweets, a worn t-shirt and no clothes.

Keanu Reeves gave a big surprise to a fan

Reeves also showed how sweet it is when he noticed a sign in the garden of one woman in the neighborhood he was filming. Tha Bill & Ted Face the Music. Stacey Hunt had put up a sign saying “You’re amazing” (a reference to Reeves saying that at the Cyberpunk 2077 show at the Xbox E3 2019 event) and it caught his eye.

Hunt told that she came home to find a car that had been towed up to her house and Reeves wanted to check the sign.

“I couldn’t believe it was in my garden, and it was steep and so, ‘Can I sign your sign? ‘”Hunt noted.

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