Kathie Lee Gifford Doubted Her Faith at a Critical Moment: ‘It’s a Nightmare I Wouldn’t Wish on an Enemy’

Kathie Lee Gifford is a television presenter, singer, songwriter, actor and author. However, Gifford’s favorite thing is that she strongly believes, and has no knowledge of her faith. When she speaks, she always refers to the power of God and how it has changed her life.

The presenter was married to NFL player Frank Gifford, who died in 2015. She has two children, Cassidy Erin Gifford and Cody Gifford. She appeared in two live shows; Live! With Regis and Kathie Lee and Today with Kathie Lee and Hoda.

Kathie Lee Gifford smiling at the camera
Kathie Lee Gifford Tyler / Getty Images

What does Gifford accept of religion?

The conversation about religion in Pellegrino’s podcast began when he talked about being a Catholic who struggled with religion. He asked Gifford if she had ever lost faith.

She said that when she writes about someone, the person is always struggling with their faith. Gifford went on to state her views on religion, as mentioned above.

She also spoke of her troubled times when her husband was caught cheating. However, she said she never stopped believing in Jesus. “I never stopped believing that God is a good God,” Gifford explained.

Despite believing in God, Gifford sometimes felt as if God had forgotten about her. In the interview, she concluded her remarks by saying, “I sometimes felt, however, that he had become so busy that he forgot about me. I think a lot of people can do that. ”

Gifford has had difficult times, and anyone who opposed such times would have abandoned faith, at least for a while. However, Gifford finally found his way back to her faith.

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