Kate Winslet Recalls Being Bullied Throughout Childhood: ‘They Locked Me in a Cupboard and Called Me Blubber’

Kate Winslet is one of the most successful actresses of our time. But despite how far she has come, she had a rough childhood full of bullies and mourners. Winslet was later told that she would never make him a Hollywood star because of her size. (As a child, Winslet says she was a lot heavier.)

Because of her unassuming beauty, the students at the school laughed at Winslet for dreaming about one day walking the red carpet. But fortunately, she refused to let all neglect get to her and instead fought hard to fulfill her dream.

Ceit Winslet
Ceit Winslet | Mike Marsland / Contributor

Kate Winslet was told she could only get ‘obese girl’ parts in movies

When Winslet was just a teenager, she was told by her drama teacher that she would never do it in Hollywood if she wasn’t willing to play the roles of “fat girl”. In an interview with The Keeper, Winslet opened up about the experience.

“When I was younger, when I was 14, I was told by a drama teacher that I could be okay if I was happy to settle for the obese girl parts,” she said. “So what I always feel in those times is that a young woman who has never been put down by a teacher, by a friend, even by a parent, just listens to nothing of it. Because that’s what I did – I kept going, and I overcame my fears and overcame my insecurities. ”

Kate Winslet was stunned for her weight and for wanting to be an actress

According to Winslet, she was severely bullied as a child. The other kids would laugh at her, not only because she was obese but also because she dreamed about one day becoming an Oscar-winning actor. And apparently, they tried to steal her glow by locking it in a cupboard.

“I was bullied at school,” Winslet told a UK charity event (Via Vanity Fair.) “They named me Blubber. I used to make fun of him for wanting to act. I locked in the cupboard. Mocking me. ”
But fortunately, Winslet refused to let the bullies get to her. Instead, she used hardship as an incentive to fight harder for her dream. Her biggest passion was acting, and she wasn’t about to give up just because she was told she wasn’t “watching” the part.

Kate Winslet refuses to apologize for who she is

As time went on, Winslet was able to gain confidence. Now she’s completely comfortable in her own skin, and loves to show off the “real” Kate.
“I learned to accept my shortcomings, without making any excuses for who I am,” she said. “I dug deep, and decided not to listen when they said my body was not fit. This is who I am, the real me, Kate from Reading. ”

Now, as a mother, Winslet makes sure to use positive reinforcement when it comes to her body (as well as her daughter’s body.)

according to Marie Claire, Winslet said, ‘When I grew up, I never heard a positive confirmation of body image from any woman in my life. I only heard negative. That’s very damaging because then you’re programmed as a young woman to examine yourself and how you look. I was chubby, I always had big legs the wrong shoes, bad hair. “”

But with her daughter, she makes sure she leaves only positive thoughts:

“I’m standing in front of the mirror and saying to him [my daughter] Mia, ‘We’re so lucky to have a shape. We are so lucky to be curvy. We are so lucky to have good bums. And she will say, ‘Mother, I know, thank God. ‘It pays off. ”

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