Kate Middleton Has Floored Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip With This 1 Trait

When Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge was growing up in a typical family of five, there is no way she would have foretold the wonderful friends and endeavors she would take at the time. future. Kate was known as “ordinary”, came from a family not affiliated to royalty, and chances are, she only thought of looking at Prince William from afar and looking at him. the royal palaces and castles from the outside, just like the rest of us.

However, when Kate went to college at the University of St Andrews in Scotland, she caught the eye of the future British king after walking into a charity fashion show now in barefoot dress. Although Kate was dating someone else when she first met Prince William, his perseverance certainly paid off.

The two began a relationship a year before they were finally married in 2011, making it official as Duchess of Cambridge and also as the queen’s future companion. There is no doubt that it is the perfect addition to the royal family, so let’s talk about how Kate has launched Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip with this 1 draw.

Some background on Kate

Ceit Middleton
Ceit Middleton | Charles McQuillan / Getty Images

Kate is the eldest of three children and has spent most of her life in Bucklebury Town in Berkshire, England. She is known to love outdoor sports and activities, something she and Prince William have linked up with.

During their relationship, Prince William and Kate went through not one, but two high-profile breakdowns, making many people wonder if they would ever marry and making the news media nicknamed to the Duchess “Waity Katie. “Fortunately, however, the wait ended in 2010, when, according to Hello! Iris, Prince William gave the ring a diamond and sapphire pledge worn by his mother, Princess Diana.

Finally, a royal wedding was in the works. The couple married in April 2011, and since then, Kate has proven to be an excellent performer in her royal duties.

Kate’s future role

Not everyone grows up to be one of the most famous women in the world, but for Kate, that’s exactly what happened. She currently holds the title of Duchess of Cambridge, but as most people know, that will change one day.

Kate is in a unique position to be married to Prince William, who is on the straight line of success, and when Prince Charles dies, he becomes King. Although Kate will not be a ruling monarch, she will be a queen coalition, and we must say that we think she is absolutely perfect for that role.

Mom cafe states that when the day comes, Kate will receive a range of new benefits, such as living at Buckingham Palace, accessing Crown Jewels, and traveling the world even further than she is. now.

Kate Middleton has launched Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip with this same brand

There are so many amazing things that Kate does, so what is it about the queen and Prince Philip to launch completely? according to Fox News, Prince William ‘s grandparents love that his wife is old – fashioned, well – made, and even looks royal.

Fans know that Kate is a classic, and will not take a bad picture, and a source says: “I’m sure she has the cracks, but she doesn’t show them. ”

Watch as Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip got everything they could have hoped for and more when their granddaughter, who will one day take the throne, married someone as perfect as Middleton.

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