Karl Glusman Hinted To Tough Times With Zoë Kravitz Before Their Divorce Filing

Actors Zoë Kravitz and Karl Glusman are headed for splitsville. Kravitz is urging her to abandon her marriage after just 18 months. The reason for their separation is not clear but the two have told social media that things have not been easy. On their one-year wedding anniversary, Glusman admitted in a submissive role that their first wedding year was not as expected.

Karl Glusman and Zoë Kravitz
Karl Glusman and Zoë Kravitz Taylor Hill / FilmMagic

Karl Glusman says Zoë Kravitz’s first year of marriage was sad in an Instagram post

Over the summer, Glusman and Kravitz celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary. While Kravitz shared a black-and-white photo of the two who were cozied from their big day with the caption, “one year,” Glusman went into more detail.

“One year. Not the year we were expecting… but I feel like we can do through this, we can take on anything, ”he wrote, seemingly influencing the subsequent outbreaks of coronavirus and quarantine.

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He continued: “I love you. More than anything. You’re my best friend … you crack me and you melt my heart… you call me out on my bulls – and you challenge me to grow… I love you for that . And I will do anything for you until the day I die. Now let’s save the world @zoeisabellakravitz. “

The couple married Kravitz’s father, top rock player Lenny Kravitz, home of Paris in June 2019. Wedding guests included Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Kravitz’s mother Lisa Bonet, and her stepfather Jason Momoa.

The connection was first made in 2016. Kravitz said she learned that Glusman was under a lot of pressure on her but was too bashful to approach her. She invited him to a post-party where sparks flew between the two. They even shared a kiss that night.

Glusman moved into Kravitz’s home shortly after they started dating and within two years, the couple became engaged.

Reports indicate that Zoë Kravitz was filed for divorce from Karl Glusman; Kravitz posts a cryptic Instagram story

Journal of People reports that Kravitz filed for divorce documents on Dec. 23. A representative for Kravitz confirmed such to the disclosure. It is unclear what prompted the separation.

But Kravitz blocked a fresh start in a New Year’s Eve Instagram post to the story of her account. She put up an image of a woman throwing trash into a large trash bin with the phrase, “People, places, and things that don’t serve my greatest and highest good” in the trash bag. Kravitz titled the story, “MOOD.”

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This is Kravitz’s first marriage. She preceded actress Ben Foster for less than a year from 2007-2008. She also dated actors Ezra Miller and Michael Fassbender. She had the longest public relations before marrying Glusman with Penn Badgley.

Kravitz others were linked to James Levy, Drake, Noah Gabriel Becker, and Chris Pine.

Glusman’s date history is unknown. Before Kravitz started, he reported on Klara Kristin and Aomi Muyock. Currently Glusman’s Instagram account only contains two photos, and none by Kravitz. So far, Kravitz ‘s Instagram account still includes pictures of her by Glusman.

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