Kamala Harris Admits That She Had to Google Her Husband Doug Emhoff

After making history as the first person of color to be elected Vice President of the United States and the first woman to hold the post, Kamala Harris has grown into a household name. Although she was previously a grandfather in California, it was not until she entered the race to become President that those outside the state came to focus on the smallest details. of life.

Recently, she and her husband have been open about their relationship and have given interviews about their experience entering the White House soon.

Kamala Harris
Kamala Harris | Biden manual / start committee via Getty Images

Kamala Harris recently appeared on the cover of Vogue and was interviewed by CBS ‘Sunday Morning’

As previously learned through President Hilary Clinton’s campaign, the women in politics need to consider the details of their lives from the shoes they decide to wear to the designer of the clothing of their choice. Harris has been no different because her decision is to spend her favorite Conversations on the cover of Vogue magazine made waves on social media when it was released. But Harris is not the only one making history, as her husband, lawyer Doug Emhoff, was the first male to serve as the second gentleman.

On a recent program of CBS on Sunday morning, Harris opened up about a little-known fact about how she prepared for their first date. Harris and Emhoff first met on a blind date in 2013 set up by Harris’ friend.

The Vice-President-elect remembered the date by saying that she had a good time on the date and was looking forward to the text she received from Emhoff after the date. day. Harris also said she was a little skeptical about the date, but her friend told her to just look up to the date and enjoy it. When asked if she googled Emhoff before the deadline, Harris started laughing and saying that she had never been asked the question before and Emhoff himself had not answered the question either.

She said, “So, yes, my best friend set us on a blind date. And she said, ‘Just trust me. Just trust me. ‘You know, she just wanted me to kind of go into it, and she said,’ Don’t Google it. ‘ [But] I did!”

How Doug Emhoff agreed to learn this new information

Emhoff laughed after hearing the new information, and he went on social media after that to post a grid of current photos during the interview with the caption, “When you find your real wife * Google * did you before your first blind date. ”

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Emhoff also shared some new information during the interview, saying, “I left this funny voicemail, saved and played back on our anniversary every year, I thought I didn’t I would hear from her more. ”

Harris will be inaugurated later this week alongside President Joe Biden.

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