Kacey Musgraves Gets Her Mirror-Like Shine From a Pricey Hair Oil

If you don’t already know who Kacey Musgraves is, you definitely will soon. She is the newest star in the world of country music, and is as famous for her ultra-glam appearance as she is for her beautiful voice and catchy tunes.

Like most other celebrities, Musgraves and her personal stylists put a lot of effort into looking as beautiful as possible, especially for big events like music video shoes and looks. red carpet. It takes a lot of time and money to look good in superstitions, and there is one expensive hair product that Musgraves uses to make her locks look as brilliant as they are.

Kacey Musgraves smiling a little in front of lit trees
Kacey Musgraves | Clint Spaulding / Getty Images

Who is Kacey Musgraves?

Although Musgraves have been making music most of their lives, it was not until recently that the American people learned its name. Her first real public appearance in the world of country music came in 2007, when she placed fourth in the U.S. Network singing competition, Nashville star. Although she did not win the competition, the show began to attract her attention, and she moved to Nashville from her hometown of Texas to begin taking her music course more seriously.

Musgraves have been a popular name in country music for several years now; she won several Country Music Academy awards in 2013 and 2014. But country music is a kind of world in itself; Musgraves was a great country music player, but she didn’t really know the outside of that world until 2019, when she surprised everyone by winning a Grammy for Album of the Year in 2019. Now, she has brought her country co-star Taylor Swift into the mainstream, and those who have never heard of her before will surely get to know her name (and her music!) fast enough.

Musgraves go for ‘hyper-glamor’ look

Musgraves have often looked at a bouffant big hair style, a look that her hairdresser Giovanni Delgado describes as “hyper-glamor.” He said Refinery 29, “Her baby is definitely more of a disco minute, 70s… It’s as if she’s growing out of the 60s aesthetic in which she was with her album Package Stuff. ” The world has been getting Musgraves ’elegant look many times, perhaps very memorable at the 2019 Met Gala, where she showed up as a real-life Barbie literal doll, with long blond waves and a“ changeable dream car bright pink ”” As can be seen Glamor.

There is some Musgraves and Delgado style inspiration when it comes to Musgraves ’big hair like country music legends like June Carter Cash, Priscilla Presley, Nancy Sinatra, Cher, and Dolly Parton, according to Delgado. He told Refinery29, “We love the energy of some country musicians – Dolly always come up. ”

How does Musgraves get that great hair?

Something that is sad not to notice about Musgraves hair is not only that it is very large, but that it is very shiny – it needs a lot of temperature to go, but it does not look frizzy at all. In fact, Delgado said that her stylists refer to her hair as a “black mirror” for such a shiny beauty.

Delgado unveiled the product that will help the country music star achieve her truly herbal locks: Oribe’s Gold Lust oil. Now we can all get the product for ourselves – if we are willing to shell out more than 50 buckets, that is. If not, there is a more affordable dupe from Pantene, available at Targets, for $ 8.

On the oil surface, Delgado also uses Maximista hair spray from Oribe to make the bulk that Musgraves are always rocking, and Superfine Strong Hair Spray from the same company to make it stay in place once that it is up. Oribe seems to be definitely the key to the Musgraves glamor scene!

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