Justin Bieber’s Childish Prank Cost Him $80K

Justin Bieber was a big music star at a young age. Growing up is often hard; growing up with all the money and reputation you can hope for can be even harder. For a while, Bieber seemed to lose his way.

He went from being a pure teenage star to someone who was always in trouble with the law. And one unusually large drink cost him.

Justin Bieber quickly gained fame

Justin Bieber will play on stage
Justin Bieber playing on stage | Will Heath / NBC / NBCU Photo Bank through Getty Images

according to curriculum vitae, Bieber was young when he started climbing to the top in a very Millennial way. YouTube clips of his singing went viral, drawing the attention of new fans and music officials alike. It was discovered at the age of 13, and its first album, My World, released when he was only 15. That record was platinum in several countries, and Bieber was on its way.

His music course was meteoric, tagged with enthusiastic teenage fans. He broke several albums, such as becoming the youngest artist with seven albums making it to number one on the Billboard Hot 200.

Indeed, as is often the case with celebrities at a young age, Bieber has spent his time struggling and scandalized. For a time, his misbehavior made many more headlines than his musical talents.

Wild days came in trouble

About the BBC reporting that Bieber wrote about his struggles in an emotional Instagram post. He explained that it was unusual, and he got too much, too early.

“I went from a 13-year-old boy from a small town to being praised by the world left and right, with millions saying how much they loved me and how good I was,” he wrote. “I made every bad decision you could have imagined and I went from one of the most popular and respected people in the world to the most ridiculous person, judging and hating the world. ”

By the time he was 19, he was using drugs, and his life had become chaotic. In 2014, he was arrested several times for things like vandalism and driving.

Things looked pretty bad for the young star, but fortunately, he was able to turn his life around with the support of fans.

But even though his life changed, he still had to deal with the damage he had done. It took a lot of work to rebuild the relationships he built, but that wasn’t the only price he paid. One of his finds also cost a penny.

Justin Bieber had $ 80K for one drink

The LA Times reporting, in 2014, during Bieber’s wildest days, he and several friends decided to egg his neighbor’s home. This classic prank is a favorite of teenagers everywhere, but most kids don’t focus on a multi-million dollar big house. The damage hit a $ 20,000 high.

The man of the home, who had been accused by Bieber of slashing him, was happy to push costs.

Because the damage was so costly, Bieber may have faced the costs of cheating. To avoid that, he did not contend any competition for damages in criminal misconduct. He was eventually ordered to pay $ 80,900 to the homeowner and take anger management classes.

He fulfilled these requirements, and went on to sell his house to Khloe Kardashian. He seemed ready to move on, in more ways than one.

In the years since those wild days, Bieber has put his life back together, renewed his career, and married.

While not everyone likes it, the future looks bright for the singer, with the hope that the egg-laying days are behind him.

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