Julie Andrews on the Woman That ‘Makes [Her] Into a Very Wicked Lady’

To the public eye, Julie Andrews is probably the best and most accurate Queen of Genovia she represents. The Princess’s Diary. From her erudite way of thinking to conservative RP accents her characters often hold in movies, Andrews has been an icon of poise. However, it only takes one of her best friends to pull out the careless woman who lies beneath the surface.

Julie Andrews
The Countess Julie Andrews Don Arnold / Contributor

Andrews and best friend Carol Burnett are best known for the duet “You’re So London,” in which Andrews takes on the classical friend who is “so Kensington Gardens,” while Burnett is “so San Antone . Andrews is an “ensemble ensemble,” while Burnett calls himself a “saxophone. ”However, these lines between their personalities are much warmer in real life. Burnett pulls out the “bad woman” in Andrews, and the two are known to be kidnapping, leaving Burnett silent.

Julie Andrews on the shenanigans she gets in with pal Carol Burnett

During the interview back in the day, Andrews and Burnett talked about their relationship. Andrews said, “she makes me a wicked woman. When I’m with Carol, I get embarrassed and bawdy… ”Although Burnett may be different on this point, the two have gotten into a lot of funny deceptions at the time. gone to prove Andrews’ point.

Back in the day, Burnett and Andrews got caught letting themselves lock bills by a handful of secret service representatives on Lyndon B. Johnson’s inauguration day. How did this happen? They were trying to get a boost from the Mike Nichols entertainers (The graduate, closer, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf).

Julie Andrews said their personalities move when she and Burnett are together

While Burnett is perhaps the wild catcher known for showing the funniest, weirdest characters inside. Carol Burnett Exhibition, she and Andrews tend to change personalities when they come together. Off-screen, they move. Andrews Department:

“Oh my gosh, yes, she’s so good! .. And you know, I’m the bad girl when we get together. She brings out the mischief in me, and she is the silent one. It’s very funny. ”

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