Jon Stewart’s Worst ‘The Daily Show’ Guest Was a Whiny Hugh Grant

For 16 years, Jon Stewart managed the desk at the popular show Comedy Central The daily show. But while he interviewed many celebrities during his time there, one of them stood out from the rest for his cynical behavior.

In fact, Stuart didn’t like this guest being around so much that he vowed never to get him back on the show again.

How Jon Stewart became famous

Jon Stewart
Jon Stewart | Jason LaVeris / FilmMagic

according to The KeeperStewart was born in 1962 and grew up in New Jersey. He was originally named Jon Stuart Leibowitz, but did not change his name until he looked more conventional for the show business. His parents divorced when he was 11 years old, and the experience left him with “complicated” feelings towards his father.

But if, as the saying goes, comedy is a pain in excess of time, that sad event helped put Stuart on a path that would take him a long time. After finishing college, he began working as a comedian in New York. It became so successful that it came to a talk show on MTV in the 1990s.

As a result he took over the Comedy Central program The daily show in 1999. The show had focused on satire before Stuart came in, and had never found a strong audience.

But Stuart changed that abruptly.

‘The Daily Show’ success

When Stuart took the helm at The daily show, printed the format to focus on news and political programming, bringing his humorous style to the light of day.

Its impact on the media landscape was evident when the show became one of the most trusted news sources for young Americans – a reputation you would not expect for a comedy show.

In 2015, after 16 years, Stuart gave the job to Trevor Noah, and according to Web TV, he believes Noah did The daily show even better. But during his time behind the desk, Stuart interviewed many celebrities, from Barack Obama to Halle Berry. But among them all, one stands out from the rest – and not for a good cause.

He announced his favorite guest

BestLife reporting, in a 2012 interview with Stephen Colbert, Stewart said Grant was the worst guest he had ever made. And, as he put it, “we’ve had dictators on display.” What did he do to stop it?

In 2009, Hugh Grant entered Have you heard of the Morgans with Sarah Jessica Parker. It was unsuccessful, and apparently, Grant ‘s appearance The daily show the film failed to inspire either.

Apparently, Grant ‘s view was difficult to accept. He didn’t treat people well in the studio, and when they played the clip of the film he was in to inspire, he wasn’t happy about the one they showed.

“What’s that cookie? ”He said. “This is a terrible cookie.” This complaint may not have been evaluated at any time, but Grant’s publicist provided it, making the complaint even harder to accept. Stewart was so tired that his response was to suggest that Grant make a better film next time.

After Stuart said Grant would not be invited back to The daily show, the actor apologized in a tweet, saying, “By turning out my inner crab overpowered me by a TV producer in 09. Unreliable. J Stewart right to kick me. ”

Grant apparently learned his lesson from that catastrophic appearance. Stewart has moved on from The daily show, but Grant seems to be one of many who has vivid memories of him as a guest.

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