Jon Stewart Banned Hugh Grant From ‘The Daily Show’ For Bad Behavior

It’s no secret that celebrities we love and look up to are sometimes the worst Hollywood stars. As a TV enthusiast, Jon Stewart has seen his hard-core actors work with them The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. However, Hugh Grant’s behavior was so inappropriate to Stuart that it prevented the actor from ever returning.

Jon Stewart laughs at 'The Daily Show'
Jon Stewart | Brad Barket / Getty Images

what is The daily show?

The daily show is a late American talk / talk show that airs on Comedy Central and is hosted by first Craig Kilborn, then Jon Stewart, and most recently, Trevor Noah. They use news stories, politics, sports and more to promote the satirical comedy in which they entertain their audiences.

To get an idea of ​​how a show like this would work, Jon Stewart looked at fans to find out what it’s like to do the show every day in an interview with Rolling Stone. He explains that the big meetings that lead to comedy on your screen are inspired by content that came from when they “sit around, watch a movie, and talk a lot of shit. -t at the TV products we are watching. He states that “their best performances are made in the smallest of times,” and the worst performances are those of legislation that provide “a very interesting insight into the American legislative process.” , but not particularly funny. ” Stuart uses Donald Trump to eat pizza with a fork as an example, saying that they will “make it into a consecrated holy rant,” which gets a lot of laughter against the less funny sections about not having a bill. becoming law.

The daily show Jon Stewart is a huge success and the 16 years of comedy and satire have made viewers double in laughter. Don’t forget some of the best moments The daily show as a crossfire takedown, an interview with Jim Cramer, a 9/11 monologue, a Glenn Beck spoof, and more.

Meet Jon Stewart, guest The daily show for 16 years

From 1999 to 2015, Jon Stewart has been known for his humorous and sardonic sense of humor The daily show. He has named 50 and won 21 Emmys since their shift from Craig Kilborn’s pop culture focus to Stuart’s political satire and news. Hospitality is not his only career path, Stuart has also appeared there Ewen Almighty (2007), Big daddy (1999), and other representations.

Interestingly, not many people know that Stuart was a college football star before he started in comedy. He described his college years in New York Magazine as “waking up late, remembering someone else’s notes, doing bong rounds, and going to football.”

according to Businessman, after Stewart graduated, he worked many weird jobs as a bartender, soccer coach, busboy, and puppeteer before becoming popular for his stand-up comedy on the club tour. He had his first gig at The Bitter End, but regularly performed comedy at The Cellar until he started Comedy Central’s Attention Short Theater in 1989, continued Jon Stewart show on MTV in 1993. In 1996, the comic comedy Stewart Special TV played, Without wind, broadcast live on HBO just a few short years from the start of his illustrious career The daily show.

If you’re wondering what’s in store for Stuart after all The daily show, you are in good luck. Since giving the torch and giving friendly advice to Trevor Noah, Stuart has had much more free time. His personal life is open to more interesting activities without the responsibility of reporting on current events, and he still goes strong professionally. At the beginning of the summer of 2020, Stewart’s film Reckless first on demand for political comedy enthusiasts. He has appeared very famous The daily show by Trevor Noah, and in the future he will see it back on TV screens for the Apple TV + streaming service.

The reasons for Hugh Grant’s ban

Hugh Grant appeared on it The daily show in 2009 to promote his film Have you heard of the Morgans? This was his last show on display after he was “overwhelmed” by his inner crab and prevented from reappearing. according to The Keeper, Stewart told Stephen Colbert, “He [was] giving everyone sh-t all the time, and [he was] severe pain in the ass. ”Grant reportedly made a complaint about staff, possible locations, and the clip used to promote his film. Stuart replied, “then make a better f-ing film.” Since it happened, Grant has taken possession of his ruthless behavior and admitted, “J Stewart rightly kicked me” in a 2012 tweet.

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