Jon Cryer Learned Demi Moore Was Dating Someone Else While They Were in a Relationship: ‘I Got in a Lot Deeper Than She Did’

Back in the 1980s, Jon Cryer was deeply in love with Demi Moore. And for a short time, the actors shared an impressive romance. But sadly, the Ghost actor admits she didn’t take the relationship as badly as Cryer. And at the time of a heartbreak, the Two and a half men the actor learned that Moore was dating other people while they were boyfriends and girlfriends.

Studio portrait of actor John Cryer, 1986
Studio portrait of actor John Cryer, 1986 Lynn Goldsmith / Getty Images

How did Demi Moore and Jon Cryer meet?

Moore and Cryer met on the set of No small connection, a film featuring the two actors. The 1984 film is based on a 16-year-old photographer (Cryer) who falls in love with a 22-year-old nightclub singer (Moore.)

And as it turned out, this off-screen dynamic happened too. Cryer fell sharply for Moore, and fell hard. He appears in an interview with Weekly entertainment, “We were both just starting out, and were kindly looking for a friend and a friend. You know, we kind of fell for each other. Or at least I fell for it. She revealed in her book that it was a little more important to her than it was to me. “

In her recently published memoir, Moore suggests that she abused Cryer during the relationship. She even says she took the Very pink the actor’s virginity, which is not true, as Cryer says. (He actually lost his virginity in high school, before meeting Moore.)

Cryer let his fans into the heartbreaking event when he learned that Moore was not nearly as invested in the relationship as he was. In an interview in 2015 with Meredith Vieira exhibition, he pours out every detail.

“I went to her house, and the lady of the house greeted me,” said Cryer. “And I asked, ‘Oh, where’s Demi?’ And she said, ‘She’s out with her lover.’ And I said, ‘But I do her lover. ‘”

Jon Cryer thought Demi Moore was ‘the man’

But, despite that rather unfortunate time, Cryer has nothing but love for Moore. He said in the interview that he even thought she was “the man.” “It may have happened two days into the relationship,” he laughs. “I was like, ‘Yes. This is it, me know e. But at the time, she was more mature than I was and more educated. And I feel like I got in a lot deeper than she did. ”

And after Moore’s memoir was released, Cryer took to Twitter to praise his girlfriend.

“I was over the moon for her,” he said. “I have nothing but respect for her and not remorse in the world.”

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