Johnny Depp Had a Surprising Collaboration With Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers For This Iconic Song

Johnny Depp has been a movie star since the 1980s, but of course the actor is just as passionate about music as he is on film. His musical skill is known to Depp ‘s biggest fans, and the actor has collaborated with a number of musicians over the years – including Tom Petty and his band, The Heartbreakers.

Johnny Depp;  Tom Petty
Johnny Depp; Tom Petty | Deborah Feingold / Getty Images; Rick Diamond / Getty Pictures

Johnny Depp had a dream about a career in music

Although Depp ‘s acting career was where he made most of his money, he never gave up his dreams of becoming a musician. Depp dropped out of high school back in the early 1980s to pursue a music career, and his band, The Kids, saw some success – they opened up for the likes of The Ramones and The Pretenders.

The band eventually moved to Los Angeles with hopes of reaching a contract, but they parted ways before that ever happened. Depp, who was newly married, was persuaded by his then wife and friend, Nicolas Cage, to look into a career in acting. His creative nature and ability to play unique characters set him apart from other actors, but even after growing up in Hollywood, Depp never strayed from his first true love: music.

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp | Photos by Alexander Tamargo / Getty

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Depp appeared in Tom Petty’s music video for ‘Into the Great Wide Open’

Throughout his acting career, Depp has still made moves to appear alongside well-known bands and musicians. This includes Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, who actually hired Depp to play the main character in their music video for “Into the Great Wide Open.”

The song was first released as a single in September 1991, and Depp was starred in the music video, which ran for nearly seven minutes and told the story of a man called Eddie (Depp) who moved to Hollywood to pursue a music career. It was similar to Depp’s original intentions, although it’s not clear if that’s why Depp was thrown.

Eddie gets too much of a head start in the video, and finally, what he did causes his career to end. The video ends with Eddie back in the same tattoo parlor, where he sees another one (Friends star Matt LeBlanc) gets the same tattoo, which is provided by an older version of Eddie. “And they all lived happily ever after,” says Petty at the end.

Depp has appeared on several other occasions in songs and music videos

Depp certainly didn’t end up in the music world with a Petty video. He has played guitar, drums, and has even made backing sounds in collaboration with bands such as Oasis and Aerosmith. Depp also appeared on Caril Simon’s Marilyn Manson cover of “You’re So Vein”.

Back in 2015, Depp started the Hollywood Vampires with Alice Cooper and Joe Perry, and the trio have welcomed other musicians to the band in the past six years as well.

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