John David Washington Addresses the Age Gap Between Him and Zendaya in ‘Malcolm & Marie’

Calum & Marie it won’t be releasing on Netflix until February, but there are already rumors about an Oscar. Featuring John David Washington and Zendaya, the black and white film follows a couple on one important night in their relationship. While fans are excited to see the project, especially since Zendaya won an Emmy, not all the news about the film has been optimistic. In fact, some people have expressed concern about the age difference between the actors.

John David Washington age
John David Washington Getty Images / Getty Images for Hollywood Foreign Media Association

Ever from Zendaya department the first picture draws Calum & Marie for her millions of fans, people have noticed the age gap between the two. At the age of 24, the Euphoria the star is much older than the legal age of adulthood, but still, some people have claimed that Washington is 12 years old at 36. Recall that Zendaya was only 23 when the film was shot , some people are a little unaware of such a wide gap.

Hollywood has a history of making films with big age gaps

Of course, Hollywood is no stranger to telling stories that reflect men and their much younger romantic interests. Only need to look at it Wall Street wolf, Profit and prejudice, and American Hustle for prime examples. However, with Zendaya raising Disney, a younger face, and the fact that her most recent careers have been high school students, many people were still captivated by seeing her play opposite. Washington in Calum & Marie.

Zendaya himself does not seem to be concerned about the age gap. As the film’s director, Sam Levinson, wrote the film for her, she had some support as to who was put in front of her. The Euphoria star has been honest about the fact that she was thrilled to have the opportunity to work with the Tenet star and she has told how much she enjoyed working with Washington. But how does Washington feel about the backlash age gap? In an interview with Variety, the actor received a candid about the criticism.

John David Washington deals with the 12-year-old difference between him and Zendaya

“I wasn’t worried about her because she’s a woman,” Washington said when asked about the age difference. “People are going to watch in this film what kind of woman she is. She has a lot more experience than I do in the industry. I have only been there for seven years. She’s been there longer, so I’m learning from her. I am the rookie. I followed her for a lot. Some of the stories she’s shared about what she had to go through with Twitter and all. I appreciated her wisdom and understanding when it comes to this business. I look at that. What I’m really excited to see when the film is released – they’re going to see how mature it is in this role. We’re talking about flexibility, and Sam and Zendaya have both. ”

Critics should watch ‘Malcolm & Marie’ before making a judgment

Of course, not everyone was happy with Washington’s response. Critics pointed out that Washington has been on film sets and has been open to the industry long before Zendaya was born thanks to his father, Denzel Washington. Sure, Zendaya’s experience can’t be diminished but John can’t reveal it. However, we believe that the biggest issue here is Hollywood’s obsession with young women often to the point of exclusion. As far as the age gap between the actors in Malcolm & Marie, we retain judgment so we can see the film.

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