Joe Rogan Is Still Really Mad That Businesses Are Shut Down From COVID Restrictions — ‘There’s No Data’

Joe Rogan has been very vocal about his disagreement with pandemic locking protocols for several months now.

He recently followed his tirade on a program of his podcast, criticizing politicians he believes are behaving in a hypocritical way.

Rogan also shared his views on how Florida governor Ron DeSantis handled the case, saying he took a “pragmatic approach” to locksmiths.

Joe Rogan said there is no evidence to show why businesses need to stay closed

Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan at the Ice House Comedy Club Photos by Michael S. Schwartz / Getty

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Rogan’s main grip is that people seem to be taking their freedom away. He described his problems in a recent program of Joe Rogan’s experience.

“They treat everyone like a baby, that’s what it is, man,” Rogan said. “They treat everyone like, ‘You’re not allowed to make your own decisions, including business owners who spent a ton of money opening the outdoor cafes and houses. -outdoor dining. And then, they don’t even provide any science. ”

He even compared government politicians to dictators, saying no evidence is being used to support their decisions.

“It simply came to our notice then. They are a dictator, ”said Rogan. “They come and they tell you what they’re going to close, what they’re not closing, they don’t have to show there’s a lot of evidence … There’s no data. ”

He thinks politicians and decision-makers are going to be hypocritical

Another reason Rogan is upset is because he keeps seeing pictures of the same politicians without following their own Covid protocols. Several have been seen traveling and eating indoors, which he sees as hypocritical.

“So you have those people who are fools, they’re so dumb that they get buses going on holiday when they want everyone to stay at home, ”Said Rogan. “The mayor of Austin told people that it is not time to rest while in Cabo. [laughs] You know how subtle it is to go to Cabo and be in a condo in Cabo and go, ‘Listen, we can’t rest, not travel, stay away from people, okay. Be careful.”

Joe Rogan said the Florida governor took a ‘pragmatic approach’ to locking policy

Rogan then asked if there were any places in the U.S. that became able to stay open throughout the pandemic. Florida was the only one he could think of.

“I think Florida as a whole, the Florida governor basically said,‘ Listen, the cure can’t be worse than the disease. And it’s killing our businesses, it’s killing our people, ‘”Rogan said. “It is – as many people commit suicide, many people are addicted to drugs… And he took a pragmatic approach. And you could agree or disagree. And a lot of people agree, and I understand it. ”

He also noted how the lobbyists for businesses are shutting down those who are able to lose a year of work without receiving a major financial blow.

“However, there is an issue that many people who do not agree with being able to do this and open things up, are financially able to live a year or even longer without work. … I don’t want to point fingers … But what I want to say is that it’s very hard to even think … the mind of someone who loses everything if you don’t losing nothing. ”

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