Joe Rogan Is a Fan of Eating Moose Hearts

For millions of fans around the world, Joe Rogan is better known as the host of the podcast, Joe Rogan’s experience. On the podcast, Rogan interviews a wide variety of pop culture personalities, from celebrities to conspiracy theorists.

Rogan, however, is a man with many interests, and is open about his love of hunting. Although sometimes a retrospective topic, Rogan is ignorant of his interests, and in an interview with 2015 Rolling Stone, Rogan opened up why he prefers to hunt his own meat.

Joe Rogan has a popular podcast

Joe Rogan
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Rogan was he was born in 1967, and at a young age, developed an interest in the art of mixed martial arts. He studied karate and Taekwondo for years and went on to become a tutor. Although Rogan moved on to pursue a career in entertainment, he has maintained an active love of the martial arts, and often builds on the virtues of mixed martial arts on his podcast.

In the late 80s, Rogan began doing standup comedy in clubs around the Massachusetts area. It took a few years before he was really able to break into the big time – but Rogan hustled, and had no intention of taking on weird jobs until two heads met.

Rogan first became a household name in 2001, when he began hosting the popular but controversial series. Fear factor. Rogan hosted the series for several years, and in 2009, he launched his own podcast, Joe Rogan’s experience.

The podcast quickly grew in popularity with fans of all ages and interests, and over the years, Rogan has welcomed thousands of guests to his concert. Always keen to discuss any topic, Rogan has become a talking point for pop culture, and a world-famous celebrity.

Joe Rogan has many interests

Just as Rogan refuses to be stereotyped on his podcast, the guest enjoys many hobbies and interests. Rogan claims the Second Amendment, although he usually raises other liberal views.

He is often seen at gun range, working on a target, and hanging out with friends. Rogan is also open about his view that marijuana should be legal for recreational use and frequently discusses the issue with politicians and policymakers on his podcast.

Rogan loves to hunt, and is part of the “Eat What You Kill” movement, which supports local hunting practices while discouraging factory farming. In 2015, Rogan opened up to Rolling Stone about the joy he gets from hunting and his love of hunting his own meat.

Why is Joe Rogan so fond of hunting his own meat?

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Rogan looks beyond traditional meat stores when it comes to stocking his freezer. Mar Rogan admitted Rolling Stone, marking some of the items collected, “this is the heart of moose. I like moose. I love moose steaks, moose stew, and tasty moose burgers. This is from a wild boar. This is a sausage from something. This is more moose. This is a deer. This is a bear. And all this I killed myself. “

Rogan revealed that he hears about the backlash he gets for hunting. He said: “Yes, I feel a little sorry for him. But you know what is invisible to me? So little rational thinking comes from vegans who have pets and who feed them murdered animals. I’m like, ‘Whoa, what the fuck is going on here? ‘”

For Rogan, he doesn’t care much about the critics or about enjoying his time on the ground and expanding his mind – and many of his fans like and enjoy him. respecting the way he lives his life without knowledge.

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