Joe Rogan Had Spotify’s Most Popular Podcast in 2020

Joe Rogan is well known as an MMA fan, a stand-up comedian with a penchant for controversial comedy, and a talented actor. However, Rogan has long been a huge fan of his podcast, Joe Rogan’s experience.

For years, the podcast has entertained audiences of all ages, genders, political affiliations, and interests. Despite its relatively simple progression, the podcast has become a mainstay of entertainment for millions of people – and according to new data from Spotify, it is now one of the largest podcasts. which is heard in the world.

Why is ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ so popular?

Joe Rogan smiles in front of a dim background
Joe Rogan | Vivian Zink / Getty Photos

Ultimately, Rogan ‘s contract with Spotify has proven to be as profitable for them as it was for Rogan itself. According to a recent man Account Board report, Rogan podcast is the most popular podcast on the streaming platform for the year 2020.

The report says the podcast has been in high demand since it was added to the platform three months ago, and has been at the top ever since. While Joe Rogan’s experience far away and the winner of the popular contest, several other podcasts are also ranked high – among them TED Talks Daily, Michelle Obama Podcast, Call Her Daddy, and The Daily.

For Rogan, 2020 has been a year of highs, and its success is unlikely to continue into 2021. Keep an eye on Showbiz’s Fake Page for the latest entertainment news!

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