Joe Rogan Continues to Downplay Coronavirus, Spreads Misinformation

Joe Rogan has been losing a lot of his fans who have more levels in the last few months. The comedian and podcaster has continued to creep into an ever-evolving version of his political views, and unfortunately, his treatment of coronavirus is following the trend. sin. Rogan has been reducing the virus for a long time, saying it is not as dangerous as people think, and suggesting wearing a mask is useless. Despite Bill Burr ripping into Rogan on his podcast, Rogan has continued to introduce conspiracy theories about the virus while minimizing its potential impact. to have.

Joe Rogan used unconventional COVID-19 tests on guests

Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan | Photos by Michael S. Schwartz / Getty

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Joe Rogan often advertises as your common dude, but he is far from it. He is wealthy, and shows in his access to medical services that his audience could not hope to afford. This manifested itself in Rogan giving coronavirus tests to his guest stars.

However, these same tests have not been approved by the FDA. It is unclear whether Rogan is still using the tests, given how it has been shown to reduce COVID-19 and the risks involved. At the time, however, Rogan’s personal concierge doctor provided tests whenever he wanted.

“About 70 companies are carrying out antibody testing, and only one of them is FDA approved, Cellex. I don’t know what the hell they got that FDA-approved contract, but it’s impossible to get those tests, ”said Rogan’s doctor Abe Malkin. Leas.

“I give a disclaimer, it’s not FDA approved, you can’t use this for diagnosis, it’s more for peace of mind, for epidemiologic data. But if they need a definitive diagnosis, they need a nasal swab, ”he said.

Bill Burr tasted it for his COVID-19 ideas

Bill Burr
Bill Burr | Will Heath / NBC / NBCU Photo Bank through Getty Images

At first glance, Joe Rogan who is managing an experiment seems to point out that the comedian and podcaster are paying close attention to the virus. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

During a program of Joe Rogan’s experience Bill Burr, with guest star Rogan, suggested wearing a mask is a sign of weakness.

“All the while fking cking there are f * cking a ** holes on my street walking around without a mask, not quarantines,” said Bur.

“You want people to walk down the street with a mask on? ”Asked Rogan.

“I don’t want to start this bullshit. I’m not going to sit here without a medical degree, listening to you without a medical degree, with an American flag behind you, smoking cigarettes, acting as if we know what’s better than the CDC. I only watch the news once every two weeks. I like ‘Mask or no mask? Mask yet? Okay, masks. ‘That’s what I give af ** k about,’ replied Burr.

Rogan then said that he was wearing a mask “for b * tches.”

“Oh God you are so hard with your nose and throat open. Gee Joe, and your five-hour shadow. Here’s a man! No one has a mask! Why will he always be like that, he will always be a man against the b * tch, ”said Burr.

Joe Rogan has leaked the wrong information about the virus

Despite Bill Burr’s slap in the face, Rogan has continued to spread misinformation about coronavirus.

Earlier, Rogan told the audience, “I’m worried about them locking things up. Someone has to step in and stop them from doing that. You have to lock down the elderly and the sick. Let regular people do whatever f * ck they want. You can’t just lock people’s freedom for something that killed a small fraction of what you thought was going to kill. ”

Rogan did not do his research though. The broadcaster may be interested to know that the White House was expecting a death tax of between 100,000 and 240,000. We currently sit at around 220,000, almost the highest level of expected deaths.

Rogan has also called out old-fashioned information about wearing face masks. He previously said that the WHO says only those treating COVID-19 patients should wear masks – again, a misleading statement that basic research is under way.

“The use of masks is part of a comprehensive package of prevention and control measures that could limit the spread of some respiratory viral diseases, including COVID-19,” advises the WHO.

Oddly, so is Rogan forward to claim because the virus is in the air, social speed and alien faces are unaffected. Of course, the case is completely different, as confirmed by medical sources around the world.

Despite the fact that most medical opinion suggests that wearing a mask reduces the spread of COVID-19, Rogan continues to rail against this simple warning. In doing so, he lives the lives of his craziest listeners and those who could share their place.

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