Joaquin Phoenix and Robert De Niro Barely Spoke to Each Other While Making ‘Joker’

In the age of mega-budget superhero epics like Avengers: Endgame, no one else would have thought of making $ 55 million Joker film. Nonetheless, director Todd Phillips ’original story about the famous villain DC Comics became an Oscar-winning genius. However, stars Joaquin Phoenix and Robert De Niro were still struggling due to intense production Joker.

Joaquin Phoenix and Robert De Niro at the premiere of 'Joker'
Joaquin Phoenix and Robert De Niro at the premiere of ‘Joker’ | GEOFF ROBINS / AFP via Getty Images

Joaquin Phoenix led ‘Joker’ to unexpected box office success

Comic book movies with R level like Blade and Deadpool confirmed that there is a market for more mature projects. But before that Joker, no one has ever tried to tell the story of a supervillain’s originality in such a way. Perhaps that’s why so many in Hollywood despised Phillips ’film money potential. Against all, Joker earning more than $ 1 billion worldwide.

And for Phoenix, mainstream success won him the first Academy Award. For nearly 20 years, the actor had been earning emergency alerts – and award-winning – for films like Walk the line, Her, and The Master. But it made the Clown Prince of Crime win him an Oscar gold medal and so many fans and critics felt he deserved it for earlier performances.

Will Joaquin Phoenix reunite with director Todd Phillips for ‘Joker 2’?

follow up JokerA box office success never seen before, it didn’t take long for fans to think about a series. After all, Phillips and Phoenix barely scratch the surface of the character’s journey. And Warner Bros. would surely. very difficult to invest in follow-up work now there is an audience. But, the road to Joker 2 be longer than the fans of the first film expect.

Phoenix has been far from making great films, in part because of his lack of interest in series. And since his achievement won an Oscar Joker in addition, a series without meaning makes no sense. Phillips and Phoenix admitted that they have briefly discussed where the story could go. But don’t expect a green light until the two men are officially on board.

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