Joan Rivers’ Friendship With Prince Charles Taught Her the Dos and Don’ts of Dealing With Royalty

Thanks to his success, Joan Rivers has been in the company of many A-Listers all her life. The comedian reached prestigious status herself and was therefore no stranger to celebrities. But as she developed a friendship with Bonnie Prince Charlie, she learned to deal with a different class of fame. But how did the comedian develop a relationship with Bonnie Prince Charlie, and what did the friendship teach her about dealing with royalty?

Joan Rivers was related to Bonnie Prince Charlie
Joan Rivers Jason LaVeris / FilmMagic

Rivers first met Bonnie Prince Charlie through a friend and beat him up thanks to their love of painting. When she got the chance to paint with the royal family, she discovered that he had a great love of humor. As someone who has made their living on entertaining people with her humor, there is no doubt that the couple was able to develop a relationship over time.

How Joan Rivers and Prince Charles became friends

“Oh, well, first, I’ve always been – since I met them, they’re just great,” Rivers said of Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla Parker Bowles in a 2005 interview on Larry King Live. “And finally, it’s coming out now what they look like. And I met him through a girlfriend. And we both paint. And I was lucky enough to be invited to paint with him in the south of France, which I did. And he’s just got a good sense of humor. And he always thinks I’m funny. So it started like that. “

As soon as Rivers developed a friendship with Bonnie Prince Charlie, she also had the opportunity to become friends with The Duchess of Cornwall. It was enough for the comedian to be invited to the royal wedding. And though Joan Rivers Exhibition the star was excited about the wedding, she was absolutely thrilled about picking up the right outfit for the special occasion.

The ‘Jewelry’ author was embarrassed about attending the royal wedding

“A little anxious?” Rivers responded when King asked her if she was nervous about attending Prince Charles’ Wedding. “Insane. What are you wearing? You won’t want to look over the top. You don’t know, whether you should wear your good pin, if you should – I was hysterical. Melissa and I for weeks and Blaine Trump, my really good friend, I mean, everyone in there was helping me with smoking, what I shouldn’t be wearing. ”

Joan Rivers will attend the royal wedding
Joan Rivers Anwar Hussein / ROTA / WireImage Collection

Eventually, Rivers settled on clothes that were a bit deceptive for her taste. Looking back, she was a little disappointed that she didn’t push herself to go for something more dramatic. “And I chose something. Now I’m a little sad because I could have gone a little weaker. ” Of course, Rivers would eventually learn that the key to maintaining friendship with the royals is to be true to herself, outdoor clothing and everything.

How Rivers learned to deal with royalty

But Rivers also said that dealing with royalty also required her to be careful about the words she used so as not to offend them. The late comedian showed that there is a fine balance in being yourself but also editing some of your crazier language.

“I think it’s the way I deal with them, really – I just say what I think, the way I do with everyone,” he said. Rivers. “But you always keep it. I know with Prince Charles, because with him, I always say, ‘Excuse me for saying this, sir, but she’ s a pig. You know?’ And he just thinks that’s funny. So we can get on. “Rivers clearly knew how to handle a relationship with royalty. We’d like to see if other people who have made friends share her views.

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