‘Jiu Jitsu’ Movie Review: Nicolas Cage Match

For most people, the selling point is Jiu Jitsu whether Nicolas Cage does martial arts. It delivers that, man oh man, but there’s even more to action movie buffs who have been following the genre. It is also the new film from the creator and star of the Kickboxer resumed.

Where Nicolas Cage Fits in ‘Jiu Jitsu’

A comet orbits the Earth every six years. Each time, a hole opens inside a temple and the hero of death comes through. Jake (Alain Moussi) arrives at an army base in Burma with no memory, but the skills to fight.

Nicolas Cage and Alain Moussi
LR: Nicolas Cage and Alain Moussi The Avenue

The first-person idea of ​​Moussi’s fist is fun too. JuJu Chan gets cool tools to add to her martial arts. Brax as Predator meets the bounty hunters from Criteria. He has cool weapons and no face. Brax fights a lot of the other fights in the woods, but even at night you can see the fights clearly.

Fans of hand-to-hand combat need something to overpower it John of Wick movies. Logothetis and Moussi are some of the filmmakers keeping the genre moving forward while Hollywood relies on CGI. Jiu Jitsu it can bite more than it can chew a trick but it will give the thrush a bite.

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