Jim Carrey Once Revealed His Biggest Childhood Fear: ‘Things Like That Would Just Shake me to the Core’

Jim Carrey once revealed that he was terrified as a child of his parents. He addressed his concerns about the message of his children’s book in 2013. As Roland goes.

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Jim Carrey confirms the feelings of the children in his children’s book

When he talks about his children’s book As Roland goes in an interview with 2013 with Hollywood Reporter, Carrey explained the motivation behind the story.

“My idea of ​​extended consciousness is something I have always been interested in, watching and experiencing in my life,” Carrey explained. “And then, one of the things I’ve always talked about or dealt with, is that children have deep feelings and deep questions that people don’t believe. ”

He continued, “They think about life and death and ‘What happens when something happens to Mum? What happens when something happens to me? ‘”

Carrey explained why he wanted to answer these big questions

Carrey’s book is the story of a wave named Roland who worries that his life is over when it hits the beach. “It occurred to me that it was the same thing, how consciousness works,” he explained. “He basically does dance to entertain himself by doing all the different forms, but it’s all the same. It is one thing that does everything; one energy that does everything. ”

He continued, “I believe these are questions that children need to answer; all of those questions I had a lot when I was a kid. I was entertaining people in one room and being a family prank, and then in my bedroom, I was trying to see the universe. ”

“My career as an actor and entertainer all my life, I was always looking to get people out of trouble. I call it the FFC church: freedom from worry, ”he said.

Jim Carrey maintained this fear of his parents as a child

When Carrey was asked what fear the book might help children to work through, ”he replied,“ Fear of loss – whether it be death or substance or status, none of that. The fear that you are just a tiny little thing in a big universe, when you are everything. ”

He said, “There is a whole universe. Eckhart Tolle puts it beautifully in one statement – he says, ‘You are the place where things happen. ‘And when you push into that feeling, oh my gosh, it’s so loud, it’s so cheap. You are no longer like this scary thing in the middle of nowhere. ”

Carrey explained why he was so concerned about his parents’ health as a child. “My parents were heavy smokers. I remember locking myself in the bathroom and crying because I thought they were going to die, ”he said.

The actor continued, “They knocked on the door, asking me to come out. I do not know if I overcame that fear at that time; he was just kind to me. My mother was not well; she was always sick, ill, or depressed or whatever. I’m joking about it, but it was bad. ”

“I remember being seven years old and my mum at the dinner table saying things like ‘My brain is shrinking at an amazing rate! ‘or’ My angina working up; I could go at any time! ” Carrey recalled. “Things like that just shook my heart. It’s scary, but that was her way of getting attention and getting love. She was an alcoholic and didn’t get what she needed. ”

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