Jim Carrey Hated Dieting for This 1 Role — He Recalls Eating ‘Antimatter To Stay in That Kind of Shape’

Jim Carrey is back in the scene every week Saturday Night Live. The star features President Joe Biden, and fans have mixed feelings about whether he’s the right actor for the job. Whatever the role, Jim Carrey doesn’t hesitate to be in full character, even though he has to eat “antimatter” to stay in shape.

Jim Carrey representing President Joe Biden on 'Saturday Night Live'
Jim Carrey representing President Joe Biden on ‘Saturday Night Live’ | Will Heath / NBC / NBCU Photo Bank through Getty Images

Jim Carrey calls President Donald Trump ‘a loser,’ and fans love him

Although Carrey did not have to diet to be President Joe Biden Saturday Night Live, he had to get into a character. When the 58-year-old actor first moved into the role on October 3, 2020, a lot of news criticized the star for being overzealous.

“Truth is always in wise political comedy,” said Chris Lu, Obama’s senior White House supporter Washington Post. “Like any politician, Biden certainly has certain qualities that can be drawn, but this is not the maniacal figure that Carrey is showing. ”

However, after all the criticism, fans cheered when Carrey pulled out his old Ace Ventura A “Loooooooser” piece from 1994.

The main criticism of the film was the plot, which many critics said was expected and dated. Fortunately, Carrey’s performance was largely praised for his humor, but he expected better reviews after all of those diets.

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