Jim Carrey Had To Live in a Tent and Clean Poop Out of Bathroom Sinks Before He Found Success as a Comedian

Jim Carrey had an interesting run as one of the most prolific actors in the entertainment industry through much of the 1990s and 2000s. Movies like Among and Liar Liar he threw it superstitious and gained him great wealth.

Yet, despite the success of his life, his previous years were quite different. He and his family were in financial difficulty and as a result lived in a tent and worked together as janitors and security guards.

Jim Carrey ‘s father lost his job in the comedian’ s childhood

Jim Carrey
Jim Carrey will be attending the LA special screening of “Sonic The Hedgehog” at Paramount | Rich Fury / WireImage

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While Carrey often behaves chipper in interviews and movies, he had more than his fair share of struggles as a child. He recalled his childhood in a new interview in 2003 with Howard Stern.

“I had a weird childhood, it was a lot worse than I thought,” Carrey said. “According to the team of doctors. … We had some difficult times, for sure. ”

Carrey admitted that the catalyst for Carrey’s troubled childhood was that his father lost his job.

“You know, honestly, at the beginning – well when my dad lost his job I was pissed,” Carrey said. “That was one of those things, Dad, how difficult is the universe? ‘”

He and his father lived at a campsite in a tent

Unable to buy a home, Carrey and her father had to live in a tent in various locations throughout Canada.

“For a while, we pitched a tent on my sister’s lawn in the country,” Carrey said. “And then for a while, we went to a campsite around Ontario. And we used to use the facilities there and we had a lot of fun. We had more fun there than we did when we were doing this work that we didn’t like. ”

Jim Carrey worked as a janitor and security guard with his parents in his youth

Because money was tight, Carrey, his mother, and his father had to work together, changing jobs as janitors and security guards until bosses met. Just a young teenager, Carrey hated the job and would often resort to harassment in destructive ways.

“Every day, my dad would come to relieve me of my eight-hour move, and there would be a new hole in the wall in the office,” Carrey said. “Shape like my fist. And I would have apologized, ‘The buffer, just, it went out of my hand. ‘”

Factory workers played loud pranks on Jim Carrey

To make matters worse, the factory workers who had to clean Carrey would often play horrible, embarrassing pranks on him. Nevertheless, he never allowed their hard behavior to break his spirit.

“I was 15,” Carrey said. “And they used to – the factory workers would work with my head by taking – locking in the sink… I had to clean everything, man. I had to do it all, but all the time, I was singing and I was dreaming. ”

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