‘Jersey Shore’ Fans Think Chris Larangeira and Angelina Pivarnick Are Getting Divorced

Jersey Coast: family vacation Star Angelina Pivarnick married her husband Chris Larangeira in November 2019. As recorded on the MTV reality series, their wedding was one of the most moving events of Jersey Coast. Whatever happened between Pivarnick and her roommates, her husband seemed happy.

Now, with Pivarnick’s second wedding anniversary approaching, Jersey Coast fans have once again begun to point out that it is over between her and Larangeira.

Chris Larangeira and Angelina Pivarnick
Chris Larangeira and Angelina Pivarnick Santiago Felipe / WireImage

Fans have previously speculated about Angelina Pivarnick’s divorce

In September 2020, many Jersey Coast fans thought Pivarnick was unhappy in his marriage. While Pivarnick was out with some of the Double picture at love cast, her husband was at home alone.

“It’s not everything I need in my life,” Larangeira wrote a picture of himself and their pet cat.

After seeing that picture, fans started to put together the idea that the two might not be happy together.

“For the past few weeks, I’ve been keeping a close eye on her Instagram after seeing a comment [on Reddit] she and Chris were no longer following each other, ”said one fan Reddit.

Angelina Pivarnick addressed the fan’s rumors about her divorce

When rumors began circulating that Pivarnick was unhappy with Larangeira, she took to social media to clarify the situation.

“This is my cat Angelina,” Pivarnick said of Larangeira’s painting. “Chris says he needs Angelina, which means he has two. Stop writing fake news about us. Just because I don’t post my friendships across social media doesn’t mean I’m not happy. ”

Now, thanks to a more recent post on her husband’s Instagram, fans are once again believing that divorce is on the table.

Chris Larangeira wants his tattoo of a ‘dirty little hamster’ removed

In the 2018 episode of Nicole’s show “Snooki” hosted by Polizzi How far is a tattoo away? Pivarnick and Larangeira agreed to design tattoos for each other. Larangeira was shocked to see a hamster symbolizing Pivarnick on her thigh.

“I have you on me forever,” Pivarnick said. It wasn’t as good as the tattoo, but it’s moderately long. Pivarnick was unhappy with her Larangeira tattoo, which was a diamond ring with the phrase “3rd Time’s A Charm” underneath.

On November 15, Larangeira put up with his Instagram asking fans if they knew of a “great place to get a tattoo removed. The picture showed the tattoo that Pivarnick had created for him How long is a tattoo? “I think it’s time to get rid of this sh * t lol,” he wrote the picture.

Larangeira wants the tattoo removed, along with fans who say the two will not follow each other on social media, which people think he and Pivarnick are separating.

Fans believe Angelina Pivarnick and Chris Larangeira have been quarantined

A number of fans were begging Larangeira to remove his tattoo about his marriage and Pivarnick’s marriage.

“Believing they couldn’t deal with each other during quarantine,” a fan said Reddit said. “I wonder if she was texting or calling / FaceTiming Vinny more than the other castmates while they were quarantined and Chris was getting more and more annoyed with that. ”

This fan also found it weird how Pivarnick shares more about her friends on social media than she does about her relationship with Larangeira. “It made it look like they weren’t even living together, at least going with her Instagram,” they said.

As Pivarnick has said before, she prefers to keep her relationships private.

Are Angelina Pivarnick and Chris Larangeira getting a divorce?

Fans could take Larangeira’s role to heart. It is a special tattoo that he hated when he got it. His interest in tattoo removal does not prove that he has any desire to leave Pivarnick.

Since Pivarnick is keen to keep her marriage private, it doesn’t look like the couple is looking to get a divorce.

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