‘Jeopardy!’: This Behind-the-Scenes Video of Alex Trebek Shows How Funny He Was

Television has lost one of the greatest things of all time. Alex Trebek, relative guest Jeopardy! for 36 years, he died on November 8 after a battle with pancreatic cancer.

While the guest was known for his wisdom and comfortable presence, he also threw his fair share of shades at Jeopardy! competitors over the years. His funny moments were scattered all over his time on the show, but the quips were certainly huge crowds.

One thing that fans didn’t see was much of what was working inside the games show. What was Trebek like behind the scenes? What a day of working life Jeopardy! as? Fortunately, Trebek allowed the camera crew to follow for a day of tapping, with the behind-the-scenes videos of Trebek preparing for his Jeopardy! recording day showing just how funny the guest could be.

Jeopardy Alex Trebek
Alex Trebek on Jeopardy! | Photos Ben Hider / Getty

Alex Trebek broke a lot of humor on the ‘Jeopardy!’ set

Thug Trebek Businessman the tide Jeopardy! experience back in March 2017, two years before his cancer diagnosis was announced to the world. In the 18-minute video, an Emmy winner answers questions about his normal working day, lets the camera crew sit in on part of a team meeting, and the audience also sees the star not survives interacting with the studio’s audience.

The snippets showing his work preparation confirm that Trebek did not suffer any fools. It was blunt, but communicating with his interactions, which would surprise some fans, as he was pleased with the show. But it’s very refreshing to see Trebek in a leg throw, eating a donut while preparing for work. At one point, he takes out a large bag of paper scraping and says, “If you don’t do a good job writing ads for ‘Jeopardy!’, This is what happens to your stuff.”

Trebek is at its funniest commercial holiday, though. In the clips, the guest answers as many questions from the studio audience as he has time, and he really takes those moments to let his personality shine.

When a fan asks him what his favorite part of working on the show is, he goes back, “The half hour I get is staged by three very nice people. clear. I don’t like spending time with silly people, so I don’t have many friends. “

Alex Trebek loved to interact with the ‘Jeopardy!’ live audience

When asked how long it will take to get the ideas for the repeat day, he said, “It will take me an hour and a half to read over the five games we are tapping into. -today because I do not want to make a mistake in pronunciation… Pro… pru… in saying words correctly. ”

Regarding his most proud hour during the decades of work on the game show, Trebek said, “I have no proud moment, to be very honest. We’ve done over 7,500 shows, and I don’t even remember the ones we did yesterday. ”

Finally, a child in the audience asked Trebek how he could experience all the answers to the game’s clues.

“Because I’m smart,” he said. “And also because they’re written on a sheet of paper in front of me.”

In fact, some of Trebek’s funniest moments happened at the games themselves. Whether he was going viral for reciting rap words as part of Jeopardy! flashing or trolling his competitors during the interview portion of the shows, there is no denying that Trebek knew how to entertain a crowd.

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