‘Jeopardy!’ Exec Producer On Alex Trebek’s Final Day on the Set: ‘He Was In An Enormous Amount of Pain’

Legendary Jeopardy! Guest Alex Trebek died Sunday after a long battle with advanced pancreatic cancer.

In the morning, the game’s show’s executive producer, Michael Richards, opened TodaySavannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb on the final day of a television personality as the host of the game show.

Ailig Trebek
Alex Trebek | Eric McCandless / ABC through Getty Images

Alex Trebek died Sunday

Trebek’s death at the age of 80 was announced Sunday, shocking millions of fans. In March 2019, Trebek told the world about his diagnosis with stage IV pancreatic cancer. The 2007 Canadian – born game show told the American Television Archive her thoughts on him Jeopardy!legacy.

“Respect your knowledge,” he said. “It simply came to our notice then. There is nothing wrong with sharing yourself in a reasonable way, with respect for your peers. We do not take free photographs of people, in our advertisements or on the program. I think that says a lot about us. ”

‘Jeopardy!’ Mike Richards shared Trebek ‘s final day on the set

Describing Trebek as “even better than you would have hoped,” Richards said the guest “had been very nice. ”

Richards was in contact with Trebek over the weekend before he died and said that what he did was the biggest thing “for him, his family and the love of his life.”

The producer on Trebek’s final day visited the game’s show set.

“[Alex] I did not enjoy receiving too much praise or relief. He was Alex Trebek and he did not suffer the kind of ‘bloviating’ as he would describe.

“But when it became our last day, I knew he was in great pain. As he was leaving, I saw him at the door and said, ‘You know, that’ s probably the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. ‘His head was down, and he looked up and said,’ Thank you. ‘

“When he accepted, he was fighting. It was so important for him to make this show and support everything he means to America. ”

Alex Trebek’s final wish came true

Alex and Jean Trebek
Alex and Jean Trebek Michael Kovac / Getty Photos for AFI

Richards decided that Trebek wanted nothing more in his final moments of living than being with his 30-year-old wife, Jean, in their special swing.

“He had a swing in his back garden that he loved so much,” Richards said. “He picked it up again earlier this year. It was very helpful, I don’t know if many people know that. Even in his book [The Answer Is…], he described that he wanted to spend his last day next to his wife, Jean, and stare at the horizon. He got to do that.

“It made sense. He was not in pain. And because he has a really nice day that makes all of us in the Jeopardy! the family feels so much better. ”

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