‘Jeopardy!’: Alex Trebek Had a Goodbye Video Planned That He Never Got To Record

Alex Trebek ‘s last program of Jeopardy! broadcast on Jan. 8. The beloved guest died of pancreatic cancer on November 8, 2020, and his last program featured an interesting obedience video from the show.

Before he died, but after sharing his cancer diagnosis, Trebek thought he could retire. Whether he retired or not, he planned to record a 30-second farewell message to the audience before he left. But he never had a chance to record.

Alex Trebek on 'Jeopardy!'  The biggest competition of all time
Alex Trebek on ‘Jeopardy!’ The biggest tournament of all time | Eric McCandless / ABC through Getty Images

The last day of Alex Trebek’s filming of ‘Jeopardy!’ was 29 October

Trebek was hosting the fan favorite game show for 36 years. The Canadian-born guest won a baton of Emmys when he was a guest, and left a lasting legacy. The star was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer in March 2019 openly about his health with his fans while undergoing treatment.

He was optimistic when he gave a one-year update about his treatments to fans in March 2020, saying he was excited to be part of the 18 percent of stage 4 pancreatic cancer patients who heading for that milestone.

Trebek continued to film programs of the game show so he could no longer physically. October 29 was the last day of filming, although he and the crew were unfamiliar with it at the time. In an interview with Today after his death, Jeopardy! Executive producer Mike Richards said watching Trebek work through the intense physical pain that day was inspiring.

“[Alex] they did not enjoy receiving high praise or commendation, ”said the executive representative. “He was Alex Trebek and he didn’t suffer the kind of ‘bloviating’, as he would explain.”

“But on the last day of our thanksgiving, I knew he was in great pain,” Richards continued. “As he was leaving, I saw him at the door and said, ‘You know, that’s probably the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. ‘His head was down, and he looked up and said,’ Thank you. ‘ ”

Alex Trebek gave a short talk about COVID-19 in his final week of the film

Instead, his speech on COVID-19 ended as one of his farewells. And it was an appropriate message.

“You will remember that I asked all of you to take a moment to give thanks for the blessings you enjoy in your life,” he said in Jan’s program. 4. “Now, today, a different message. This is the season to give. I know you want to be generous with your family, your friends, your loved ones. “

“But today, I would like you to go a step further,” Trebek continued. “I would like you to open your hands and open your heart to those who are still suffering from COVID-19. People who suffer through no fault of their own. We are trying to build a calmer, kinder society, and if we all come in – just a little bit – we will get there. ”

Richards said Today that the speech was unmotivated, and drew praise from Jeopardy! team.

“We had chills,” he said. “There are special times Jeopardy! when you hit, and then there will be times when you are silent. There aren’t many people in the studio because of COVID, and we all started hitting on it. We were so good that we had to praise. ”

Ken Jennings is the current interim guest Jeopardy!. A permanent one has not yet been elected.

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