Jennifer Lopez Must Have Chocolate Chip Cookies and Milk Before Bed, Says Alex Rodriguez

Jennifer Lopez is in good shape, but that doesn’t mean she never gets a sweet taste now and then. Alex Rodriguez once appeared Selena the actress must have milk and biscuits every night before going to bed.

Does Jennifer Lopez have rules about her milk and biscuits?

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez  Ari Perilstein / Getty Photos for Niche lmport Co.
Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez Ari Perilstein / Getty Photos for Niche lmport Co.

This morning host Phillip Schofield said before interviewing Lopez that she asked someone to have a snack ready, reports Daily mail. According to him, she wanted a biscuit heated to a certain temperature and she had to have cold milk. Schoefield said there were “tokens” in her cookie at the right temperature.

“One thing J.Lo didn’t mention was his love of milk and biscuits,” says Schofield. “In particular, a biscuit warmed to a perfect temperature with a glass of cold, high-fat milk,” said Holly Willoughby, co-guest.

“That’s what the J.Lo team wanted us to have when she arrived,” Schofield said. “And there was a lot of uproar when they were worried that the cookie wasn’t at the right temperature. So, if you want Jennifer’s true purpose to look elegant at 50, this is it, ”he said.

While it is true that Lopez is fond of milk and biscuits, Willoughby and Schofield may have mocked the situation behind the stairs. A. Daily mail the source says there was no riot. “It simply came to our notice then. It didn’t happen, ”said the source.

Alex Rodriguez says Jennifer Lopez needs to have milk and biscuits before bedtime

At a match, Lopez took part The Vision, she revealed that she needs milk biscuits and chocolate chips before going to bed. In half break up, Rodriguez said The Vision that Lopez is also fond of chocolate chip ice cream.

Rodriguez also shared Lopez’s love for the snack food when he appeared on it Shark tank. “I happen to know a woman who loves cookies, and I mean love,” Rodriguez said according to Life & Style.

“Jennifer eats a biscuit every night before she goes to bed,” he continued. The former baseball star made the announcement after competitors came up with the idea for a ketogenic cookie company called Nui. Alex liked the cookie and said he influenced the offer because of Lopez.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez relationship timeline

Lopez and Rodriguez started dating back in 2017 and announced their connection in 2019. Lopez told Ellen DeGeneres how she and Rodriguez met and started dating back.

“I was having lunch somewhere and I saw him passing,” said Lopez. “I saw him walk by and then after that I went out. But for some reason I felt like tapping her on the shoulder and saying hi. ” She says Rodriguez suggested they go out to dinner. She agreed and they spent time together. “I don’t remember what we had for dinner, but we had a nice dinner,” says Lopez.

When DeGeneres asked Lopez if she spent the night, Lopez said she did not. “Mama won’t sleep on the first date,” she replied. “Oh, well, that’s wonderful,” DeGeneres said. “I do.”

Sheiresa Ngo continued Twitter.

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