Jennifer Lopez Gets Trolled After Weighing in on Mariah Carey Question: ‘Who Asked You’

Jennifer Lopez grabs a flak for one of her responses on social media. The hit player “Waiting for Tonight” was suddenly questioned by Ryan Seacrest during the week of November 8th. But as the message was directed to her longtime competitor Mariah Carey, fans quickly contacted Lopez and let her know “no one asked” for her opinion.

Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey
Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey Toni Anne Barson / WireImage; Kevin Winter / Getty Images North America

Jennifer Lopez answered a question that meant for Mariah Carey

The drama began on November 9 when Ryan Seacrest took to Twitter to ask Carey, named “Christmas Queen,” about Christmas decorations.

“I’m told it’s too early to put up a Christmas tree. You need to stress this @mariahcarey, ”he wrote in the tweet, before posting it again Instagram along with the caption, “I just want for Christmas some clarity from @mariahcarey. ”

His question generated thousands of responses on Instagram, with many people asking him to do anything that would make him happy. Lopez was also gaining weight, telling Seacrest, “Go for it !!!! “But her response received a lot of backing from other social media users who said her idea was pointless.

However, it would be later than the 2020 commemoration Meaning Mariah Carey that there was indeed a controversy between them, starting when her ex-husband and Sony vice-president Tommy Mottola gave Lopez a sample song that was supposed to her 2001 song “Loverboy.” This prompted her to choose another sample but fortunately, the song was still a success.

It’s not clear if she and Lopez will ever form a friendship, but in the meantime, hopefully fans can be a little prettier together.

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