Jennifer Lawrence Confronted Anderson Cooper at a Party for Saying She Faked Her Oscar Fall

It’s been seven years since Jennifer Lawrence won an Oscar for her role Silver Linings book game. But fans are not likely to forget that she is falling down the stairs anytime soon. On the road to accepting the award and giving a speech, The Hunger games alum fell in her big ball gown. While she seemed to get over it well and pull off a sensible speech, the moment was, understandably, an embarrassment to the actor.

Jennifer Lawrence, Oscar winner
Jennifer Lawrence | Stephane Cardinale – Corbis / Corbis tro Getty Images

Lawrence recently opened about her famous Oscar win and the fall that followed. The Hunger games the star was a guest on Dear Media’s Of course not a Podcast with Heather McMahan and talked about the long experience. The actress decided she was superstitious and nervous about receiving the award, but she was done with what she wanted to say in case she won. However, after she went up the steps, everything she expected left her mind.

Jennifer Lawrence reflects on how she won an Oscar

“They call him my name and I’m, you know, eager, in a panic. I like, you know, the kind of black-and-white you have, ”Lawrence said of the moment they announced she had won the Oscar. “As it was, I don’t remember what that time was like when they said my name. And then I fell and wiped everything from my mind. And how my whole brain faded, I don’t know. I can, you can, look back on it now I’m a little older, but for a long time, the fall thing was very noticeable. ”

Dear Media’s Absolutely Not Podcast by Heather McMahan

Jennifer was only 22 when she won the Oscar and was very disappointed about her fall. As she had gained a reputation in the media for being a joke, many people began to realize that she missed the fall to laugh. On the Dear Media podcast, Lawrence herself remembered that Anderson Cooper was someone who accused her of falling.

‘Red Sparrow’ star went against Anderson Cooper for claiming her Oscar fall

“I’m sorry, but Anderson Cooper, I saw it on CNN, like three days later saying like,‘ Well it was obvious she fell. ‘And it was so devastating because it was a terrible humiliation for me. ”Lawrence Department. The actress went on to say that the fall took her away from winning an Oscar and she was so upset that she couldn’t deliver the speech she was expecting because she doesn’t know if she’ll get a chance to never give a speech of that magnitude again.

But Lawrence did not accept Cooper’s criticism in his lie. When she saw him at a party, after telling her her fall was a stunt, she took it upon herself to confront him. Lawrence started the conversation by asking if he knew what it was like to walk up stairs in a ballgown. “And I’ll tell you what,” Lawrence began. “I saw it at a Christmas party. And I let him know. My friend told me that a vein was leaking out. ”

Lawrence and Cooper are friends now

Fortunately, the Hunger games the star was able to make peace with Cooper after his apologies were quickly extended. “But he apologized, and I think we think we’re good friends now,” she said. We can certainly understand why Lawrence was aware of her Oscar fall. With the actress receiving two more Oscar nominations since winning, it looks like she will get the upper hand.

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